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That’s Priyanka Chopra out to endorse Lux Crystals, styled to invoke the Hepburn vibe but ruining it with the Bollywood-bling factor.. Agree?

Priyanka Chopra’s Look…
Bling Bang-On
Bling Busted-Out
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The stars were out and about at the premiere of Saawariya, but these stars made it here for all the wrong reasons…

To begin with, Priyanka Chopra shows you how not to do Brocade. I mean really, trifle much, don’t you think? There is so much pattern going on there, makes me almost dizzy!


And then, the lovely Amisha Patel. Someone tell me how does one manage to match their lipstick down to the teeniest tint of their outfit?!


Oh boy! Lovely outfit but don’t think the silhouette’s doing much for Ms. Mukherjee.


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Police Diwali Show: Fashion Roundup

Category: Truly Traditional In A Sari

The Best: Raageshwari in white!

The Good: Priyanka in green. (Too bad I like white better!)

The Bad: Aishwarya in red.
(Karva Chauth was last week!)

Category: Casually Ethnic In Salwars

The Best: Urmila in a brightly colored Anarkali style ensemble!

The Good: Sonam in royal blue and red.

The Good: Deepika in pink and gold.

The Bad: Esha in this awful green print.

Honorable Mention: Sonali in black.

Category: What were they thinking?

Rimi Sen in denim

Mallika in crochet

Source and Source

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Another Jewellery Launch…


Tis’ the season. Of many a launch.

And this time around, Its Hyderabad. And designer in question? Farah Khan. And Priyanka Chopra was in town to launch designer Farah Khan’s diamond and pearl jewellery line. Moving past the obvious celebrity bait (even we surprise ourselves sometimes!!), what do y’all think of the jewellery itself?



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Piggy Chops And Then Some

Thats Priyanka Chopra at an event where she had to meet the Spice Mobile Contest winners!


Two questions though, one, was she given a brief stating that since the background was going to be predominantly blue, she had to wear it too, and second, has Bollywood patented the side-swept hair look?

And that ill-fitting dress, oh my goodness! Had I been one of the contest winners, I would have run for the hills! That dress just added a tire or two!

Miss Piggy Chops needs to have a long and hard talk with her stylist.

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