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Seeing Double. And Then Some.

There’s more.

Read our post Here.


Another day, another video surfaces. Here’s another one for your viewing pleasure… the host cracks us up!!

Our original post carried this text:

“Last weekend Ms. D’Souza made an appearance on Farah’s chat show wearing a strapless maroon dress with Zanotti heels. I know the girl was trying for a more mature look but for me the curls were too much, the dress very ill-fitting and the shoes a complete mismatch for the look.
You like?”


If you feel our pain and outrage… send ’em an email… we’d really appreciate the support… Their address:


p.s: We’ve written to them, no response yet.

Look inside for M O R E.



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HHC On IndiaFM!

Recently, we were asked by IndiaFM to write a series of fashion posts and have gladly accepted. So, if you saw our post out there, it was actually us writing!

But, not everyone plays nice. If you don’t believe us, check this side by side of our post and an article we found on Mid-day!

Is that plagiarism or is that plagiarism!

“Birkin Watch”, April 13, HHC

“Belting It Out”, April 15, Mid-day

P.S. Thanks to our readers for pointing out to us that our material was getting lifted! We appreciate your support!

Source and Source

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