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We’ve always appreciated Neelam’s style of keeping it understated, simple and elegant but now we must say, she too is getting to be a bit predictable!

As for this black dress, we don’t care for it all. Doesn’t stand out, not even in an understated way.

P.S: And no, there’s nothing wrong in wearing clothes Again when its delayed by sufficient gap, we just call them out for fun! :)


Neelam Kothari
Left: At Drona Premiere
Right: At Swarovski Fashion Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Bag Spotting

Spotted Neelam with an Exotic Valentino Maison tote at a recent store launch! (Below is a version of the bag!)

Thats just what her outfit needed; the bag broke up the rather monochromatic and bland look with some color and texture!

P.S: Have to say, much prefer the belt on her when compared to its previous appearance!


Neelam At Ceres Store Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Bag Spotting: Part Deux

Spotted on Neelam at Farah’s bash, the Valentino ‘Fleur’ satchel. Some of you know how much we detest rosettes (just about as much as we love patent!), so it is no surprise that we don’t dig this one either.

Having said that, wish Neelam had worn a lighter denim with this printed tunic and carried a clutch instead of the satchel. Now, that’s a look we would have loved. This one, we don’t! (The bag is definitely to blame for a large part of it!)

What say you about Neelam’s do?


Left: Neelam Kothari at Farah Khan’s Triplets Birthday Bash
Right: Valentino ‘Lacca Fleur’ Coated Canvas Satchel

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Bag Spotting

Spotted on Neelam, the Chanel Tote in black from the Classics collection.

I was in love with this bag for a long time and still am just for its simplicity. Can you tell I love all things simple. The last time I checked the price it was around $2300, but with Chanel increasing prices, it might be a tad bit more now. Of course, it is a lot of moolah but then it is a Chanel after all and the design is a classic!


Left: Neelam at ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ Preview
Right: Chanel Tote


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