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While it was yet another velour sweatsuit for Ms. Shetty, Katrina donned a non-velour one but of the three we much preferred Ms. Reddy’s travel style irrespective of those high-waisted denims. Yep, that’s how much we hate sweatsuits when worn during travelling (and especially ones worn with sneakers).

Sameera Reddy, Shilpa Shetty and Katrina Kaif at Mumbai Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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These two ladies were photographed at the airport as they arrived in Mumbai and, while Priyanka was dressed for comfort, Sonam came straight off of the plane after having promoted IHLS in Ahemdabad…

Waist down, we aren’t feeling either of these ladies. Y’all already know our take on severely distressed denims, not much to say there. As for Sonam, there seems to be such a disconnect. Love the look waist up; the jacket is hot. But then, those pants and the Zanotti flats (paired with the said pants) are such a downer.

Oh well.


Priyanka Chopra (Left) And Sonam Kapoor


Imran Khan And Sonam Kapoor At An IHLS Promotion/Press Meet, Ahemdabad

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Daylife

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Doing Casual

Spotted Priyanka Chopra doing ‘casual’ and doing it well as she arrived in Mumbai from the recently concluded IIFA Awards in Macau! Love how she successfully put together black, navy and white, a tricky combination at best!

P.S: That bag makes it the third Burberry sighting this IIFA season! While we like how P.C wears her bag, not particularly fond of the bag itself! Far more lustworthy white bags out there in that price range!


Priyanka Chopra At The Mumbai Airport


Burberry Cartridge Pleat Lowry Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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These Boots Were Made For…

From fringed UGG-lookalikes to cowboy boots to breeches, this arrival from IIFA 2009 almost gave us a refresher in types of boots! ;)

Amongst the three, we’d have to pick Bips for her breeches as they seemed the most comfortable and smart looking!

You can check out more pics at The Gallery.


Suzanne Khan, Lara Dutta and Bipasha Basu at Mumbai Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Kangana’s Denim Leggings: Chic Or Eeeek!

Denim leggings can be a great alternative to those who just can’t or don’t want to squeeze themselves into skinny jeans. But, having said that, can’t say we like Kangana’s pair or how she wore it. Her look for us is bordering more on the ‘eeeks’ side than ‘chic’.

How does it fare for you?

Check out more pics of her at The Gallery and if you want snag a pair, we found a couple of options that you can find inside.


Kangana Ranaut At Mumbai Airport


Left: Vince Scrunched Denim Leggings
Center: Juicy Couture Denim Leggings
Right: BDG Denim Leggings

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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