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Katrina and Hrithik on Harpers Bazaar: A First Look

Update: Here is the actual cover and thankfully it’s different and Mr. Roshan much better dressed. :) Also look inside from another picture from the editorial.


Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan on Harper’s Bazaar India

While we aren’t sure whether this is the cover pic of the first anniversary issue of Harper’s Bazaar India, we do know that it is from the editorial. Our only complain, why is Mr. Roshan dressed so shabbily especially in comparison… Surely Harper’s could do better than denims and a black tee.


Left: Moschino, Spring 2010
Right: Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan in Harper’s Bazaar India


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Harper’s Sar(i)torial

The inaugural issue of Harpers Bazaar has a spread where top designers celebrate the six-yard wonder in their own way through sketches. In an article for MailToday, editor Sujata Assomull pairs some selected sketches with ladies who she thinks are best suited to a certain design based on “the way they wear the sari and not what saris they wear”.

I, for one, thought that the Dolce and Cavalli designs were hardly innovative. All they did was take their most common print and create a drape effect with it. Also, I really doubt Kareena would ever wear that Dolce creation! (But then, we’d love to feature her in a WTHeyyy and that is exactly where she will land up if she wears that. ;) )

You can read the whole article here. (The file size is huge and may take a while to download but here is a screenshot of the article.)

Via MailToday

What do you think of the designs and the pairings?



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Shereen On Verve: Decoded

This post is coming very late but before the next Verve cover makes an appearance, we wanted to feature the December 2008 issue that had CNBC-TV18’s Delhi Bureau Chief Shereen Bhan on the cover.

Can we say yay to a no Bollywood cover!

You can catch more of the article here.

Also, catch the Moschino dress on Deepika here.


Shereen on Verve India December 2008


Shereen in Cherie D


Shereen in Moschino Fall 2008

Source, Source

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From The Archives: Kareena In Moschino

Those of you who have followed the blog for a while will remember Kareena in this Moschino dress from HiBlitz’s Feb issue. We found the actual gown and looking at the full-length version doesn’t excite any more than it did in the picture on Kareena.

Check out the Feb Issue here and the more recent one here.


Left: Kareena in HiBlitz Feb 2008
Right: Moschino Lace Dress


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