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Both Kapoor ladies were spotted in the same Cue dress but in different colors. Got a preference for either color?

You can see the Kareena and Saif’s spread from Harpers Bazaar here.

Click on the image for a bigger pic.

P.S. Her photoshoot does remind of SJP’s shoot in Lanvin. You can check that out here. Thanks ‘erleichdaa’ for the reminder!


Left: Kareena Kapoor in Harpers Bazaar India, March 2009
Right: Sonam Kapoor in Elle India, March 2009


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Freida On Cosmopolitan: (Un)Covered

Freida also graces the cover of Cosmopolitan in a Spring 2009 Blumarine dress except this cover is just so bland!

Catch more of Freida in Cosmo here.

P.S. Either the dress was modified or the stylist just took the loose draping and put it around her shoulder and tied it across her waist. (Now that reminds me of dancing lessons where we’d just tie our dupatta around our waist! ;) )


Left: Blumarine, Spring 2009
Right: Freida Pinto in Cosmopolitan India March 2009

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