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Mumbai Travel Notebook By LV

Louis Vuitton recently had a dinner to honor Wes Anderson and the movie “The Darjeeling Limited”. What piqued my interest about the event was the appearance of the “Mumbai” Travel Notebook by Louis Vuitton, which was given to every guest.

Mind you, this book is sold out! You can find every other travel notebook on E-Luxury except the “Mumbai” notebook. :(

The notebook consists of illustrations based on India by Florine Asch. Before you make a judgement about the illustrations (about having the “cliched” elephants, maharajahs and turbans), let me tell you that the book has illustrations on landmarks and city scenes(the mumbai dabbawallas!).

The notebook retails for $81, which in “LV” terms is pretty darn cheap, in my opinion. Gosh, now I gotta go and schmooze the sales guy at the LV store to get me one!

Check out the “Mumbai” Travel Notebook on the Louis Vuitton website by searching for “notebook”.

For more on Florine Asch, go here

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Spotted: Gul, Urmila

Spotted the usually poorly styled Gul Panag at Anita Dongre’s Organic Odyssey, looking quite pretty and well put together! She was wearing a really simple yet very pretty dress from Anita Dongre’s collection and was looking good! But this repeat fashion offender is not totally off the hook yet. She was also carrying a Louis Vuitton bag and if you have been reading this blog, you know that we have a problem with ‘obnoxious-logo-slapping-all-over-the-product’ type of bags!


And the bag in question…

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And then there is Urmila, debuting on the Fashion Offender List, for reasons you only have to glance below to know…


Shiney logo on a tee. Eecky fitting trousers. Random belt. Ugly shoes. Colors that didn’t work. Noone needs more to be a fashion disaster. No sirrie.

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