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If I were to wear an outfit that was identical to someone else’s at a party, I’d be absolutely mortified!

Can you imagine Laila Lamba and Queenie Dhody’s reaction when they would have come face to face at DJ Aqeel’s Club Bling Launch Party??

Left: Laila Lamba
Right: Queenie Dhody


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Much OTT?

Left: At Ensemble’s 20th Anniversary Party
Right: At The Inauguration Of Shobha Asar’s Jewellery Store
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Calling socialite Laila Lamba’s choice of outfits, ‘over the top’ might be quite an understatement! Even when she does decide to dress down, as in the picture below, there is still so much to work on! That turquoise belt she is sporting is an absolute stunner, but then, she pairs that with those super dangly chandelier earrings and those beads on her neck, which only take away from the over-all effect!

Remember people, when accessorizing, less is more, less is more!!


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