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Star Speak, By Koel Purie: Shopping In Tokyo

Star Speak is an ongoing series of columns, penned by celebrities we are used to seeing on these pages. This is their space to write about their take on fashion, the fraternity and whatever else catches their fancy.

Actor, television show host, columnist and now the newly appointed Brand Ambassador for Japan Tourism, Koel Purie is our guest columnist this week. It’s only fitting that she talk us through her favorite shopping spots around Tokyo and spill some insider secrets. We don’t know about you but we sure are taking notes and paying close attention. Read on! And when done, you can follow Koel on Twitter here and find her on Instagram here.


Shopping In Tokyo

Did I tell you I have the best job in the world? The Japanese government has hired me as an ambassador to promote tourism. Instead of listing out all the tourist attractions (and there are more than you can imagine), I’m going to give you the best reason to book your flight to Tokyo – shopping. You’re about to read my carefully collated and personally experienced shopping spots. Feel fortunate, this is classified stuff.

Tokyo is like Delhi – nothing opens before 10.30 -11am and when you’re in a once in a lifetime place such as this your day has got to start earlier than that. So, get your sleepy butt to Shibuya (it’s the busiest crossing in the world). Park yourself and your yummy latte at a window seat on the 2nd floor of the Tsutaya/Starbucks (beautiful library-cum-bookshop-cum-café) and marvel at the discipline and orderly pace that 2,500 people cross every time the signal changes. Then walk or jump in a cab to Harajuku Takeshita street – this is home to all the whacky, tacky, young, cos play, Japanese fashion. It’s cheap and teenagey but if you have a good eye it can be heaven for a few statement pieces. It is here all the crazily dressed blonde gothic Lolitas known as “Harajuku girls” find their stash. Walking through Harajuku is also a great study of what’s trending in the world of cool in Japan. I went for a themed birthday bash to Moscow last year and the insane costumes I grabbed from here, outdid everyone else.

After getting your fill of nonsense must-haves, walk down Jingumae street heading towards Omotesando. This is the high-end chic lane (a la Knightsbridge), full of stylish shops, cafes and restaurants. Don’t forget to look at the modern architecture of the buildings. Go into the Comme de garçons store, Prada, Issey Miyake and Hugo Boss just to check out the cool layout. If you don’t want the world brands, then veer off right onto Cat street which has lovely little boutiques where you can pick up a quaint, delicately crocheted dress or a military jacket that fits just right or red faux fur flatforms. Back on the main road Settimissimo is an unassuming basement shop with delightful clothes, accessories, bags, shoes. I went a bit nuts in this shop, greedily ‘overshopping’ and have since worn on repeat everything I bought from there. Walk on further and enter GYRE building to find the Moma design shop with super funky things. In the basement of this building is the famed cupcake bakery from NYC, Magnolia Bakery. On the same side of the street is Oriental Bazaar – a 3 storey one stop shop for all Japanese souvenir goodies; from Sake sets and tea pots to kimonos to origami earrings to Japanese doll book marks to paintings, antiques, wind chimes to furniture and elaborate Japanese screens and gorgeous goodies you didn’t even know existed. Great place to pick up gifts and stuff for back home. Pass The Baton on the other side of the street is a vintage shop of wondrous little accessories, clothes and curios. Winged wheel has divine handmade stationary. Stop and have a break at the Aoyama flower market tea house for a coffee or wine and then onwards.


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In Gaurav Gupta

During the recent Fashion Week, Kalyani and Koel were photographed in Gaurav Gupta dresses while at the designer’s showing. While Kalyani went with a more sultry vibe with dark lip, side-swept hair and strappy sandals, Koel picked shimmer as the theme and ran with it, head-to-toe. Though both ladies worked their look, Kalyani had our vote. The draped dress was styled well and she worked every bit of it!

Koel’s bag is Prada and Kalyani’s, a Dior.

Kalyani Saha Chawla And Koel Purie Wore Gaurav Gupta To The Designer’s Show At ICW 2015-1

Kalyani Saha (Left) And Koel Purie At India Couture Week

Kalyani Saha Chawla And Koel Purie Wore Gaurav Gupta To The Designer’s Show At ICW 2015-2

Kalyani Saha (Left) And Koel Purie At India Couture Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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In Taika

Wearing Taika by Poona Bhagat, Koel took in Rohit Bal’s presentation at the recently concluded Couture Week. Bright lip color, a white cross-body and platform pumps finished out her look. There’s a lot this feisty actor/talk show can sell us, this look however isn’t one of them. A bummer because we were hoping she’d break her dry spell on these pages with a look that hit it out of the ballpark.

koel purie in poonam bhagat at rohit bal icw 2015

Koel Purie At India Couture Week 2015

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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An Almost Ditto!

The only thing stopping us from liking this Gauri-Nainika on Koel back in 2010 was the odd floral accent at the back. Let’s hope this Almost Ditto! version on Amrit doesn’t have the same because from what we see, we really like.

Left: Koel Purie at Equation Auction 2010
Right: Amrit Maghera at Hello! Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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In Desigual

Ms. Purie tweeted this pic of her with Mr. Bachchan and we instantly recognized the Desigual Loraine Dress on her. I have mixed feelings about Desigual. Some of their patchwork stuff is pretty cool but some of the designs feel very busy, like this dress.

Left: Koel Purie in Desigual On On The Couch With Koel With Amitabh
Right: Desigual Loraine Dress

Photo Credit: Twitter

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