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A Major Upgrade

Am amazed at how good Aamir and Kiran looked at the premiere of “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”. But, how soon, before they are back to their quirky style again!

“Jaane To Ya Jaane Na” Premiere
“Race” Premiere


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F(r)ame Game

We all know by now, that Kiran’s style belongs more to the quirky genre rather than the chic, which is why I was quite surprised when she wore quite a cute pair of red sunglasses with this ensemble and almost seemed chic. But, the surprise was shortlived, of course! And why?

Noticed those black frames on her, yet?

kiranjaane1.jpg kiranjaane.jpg

Source and Source

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The Odd Couple Strikes Again!

I can’t say anything about Aamir’s hair, his new hair do is for his role in Ghajini, but I don’t quite get his clothes though. Why bother wearing a vest, a tie, formal pants and formal shoes, if you gonna end up rollin your sleeves.

And, we know how much Kiran loves to mix up colors, but a metallic grey dress with gold churidaars!

Quirky, very quirky!


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The Odd Couple

Kiran at the special screening of “Valu” wore a white tee under a black and white polka dot dress with yellow culottes and two toned red and pink flats. If all that color wasn’t enough, she added a metallic tote to the mix!

And, need I say anything about Aamir’s colorful shirt! Guess, they do belong together! ;)

Kiran @ “Valu” Screening

Aamir @ IFF


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