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What’s In A Bag?

A whole lot when you show up at an event dressed almost exactly like someone else! That moment happened at the launch of Chandra’s latest collection where Karisma Kapoor and Lara Dutta showed up to the event wearing very similar outfits and even similar hairstyles. So much so, the difference between them could probably be made just by their bags!

And just normal bags, they weren’t! Lara’s was a Louis Vuitton right off the Spring 08 collection and Karishma was carrying the much desired Birkin in black! This round belonged to Karishma, just because you know how much we adore the birkin and hate the LV monograms!


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Again And Again!

Unlike that other instance, this time Rani Mukherjee waited years before she repeated her outfit! With the outfit in question though, I wish she waited a lifetime…

But its infinitely better (the waiting period, not the outfit itself) than Karishma Kapoor who couldn’t even wait a week to repeat hers!

At IIFA Awards, 2006

At Ambani Bash, 2008

Source, Source

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The Good And The Oh-So-Very-Bad

Over-sized shades, well-fitting linen jacket, Gucci belt, Chanel bag and that knotted scarf and you get a very chic and well-turned out Karisma Kapoor.

On the other hand, the less that is said about Sonali Kulkarni the better! That sequinned excuse of a top, the cropped pants and those shoes are enough of a visual onslaught for one day (years actually, but knowing her am not getting my hopes up!)…

Left: Karisma Kapoor At An Immunity Drive Organized By Red Label Nature Care
Right: Sonali Kulkarni At Man’s World ARC Cup Polo Championship


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And Now In Red!

Gayatri Joshi has one in Gold, so does Bipasha Basu, and Karishma Kapoor has been seen with one in Black.. It was only a matter of time before the Gucci Crystal Clutch would surface in its Red avatar!

Amrita Arora was spotted carrying the clutch in question at the Global Indian Awards…

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Clutch Spotting

Bipasha has one in gold. So does Gayatri. And now Karishma has one in black. If you are wondering what we are talking about, then let us not keep you waiting anymore. We are talking about the Gucci Crystal Evening Clutch that we caught Karishma sporting at the Star Screen Awards.

She sure knows how to make a cheap top look real goood!

Buy via Saks


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