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Game. Set. Match.

Pia matched her shoes and belt. Hard Kaur matched her shoes to her ‘unmentionables’! ;) Umm, you haven’t been reading this blog long enough if we gotta tell you which of the two doesn’t work for us!!

On an aside, the diktat that you have to match your shoes with your belt, or with your bag, or all three went out with the padded shoulders! Just make it work by keeping it in the same color family or go a step further and play with colors if you have the panache to carry off the contrasts. Having said that, its no crime to match a teeny bit, lets just not go over-board!

Pia Trivedi
Hard Kaur


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From Fab To Bad

No one oscillates faster between Bad and Fab and then some quite like Ms. Hard Kaur!

Her appearance at the ‘Kismet Konnection’ music launch had nothing ‘Fab’ about it- the tacky dress, the nail-paint to match the neon pink sequins on the dress, tacky matchy jewelry, all left us disappointed!

hard-kaur-jun-17-1.jpg hard-kaur-jun-17-2.jpg

Hard Kaur At Kismet Konnection Music Launch


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A Hard Nut To Crack- Part Deux

At Mtv Splitsvilla De Talli Event
At A Nail Spa Launch

Hard Kaur sure likes to keep people guessing (and its not the first time either) about her ‘style’ choices… First, she gave us two really downright-downer looks last month but then she surprisingly pulled herself together at the Marie Claire anniversary party (relatively speaking of course)!

Marie Claire Second Anniversary Party

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A Hard Nut To Crack…

Seen below, Hard Kaur in her two avatars! Now, why can’t people be consistent with their style choices?!!? Its not that the look on the left (below) is anything spectacular, but compared to the monstrosity on the right… :)

Left: At Fashion Designer Kanwaljit Kaur’s Party
Right: At Ayesha Jhulka’s Spa/Salon Launch

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