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Gucci At Cue

At the CUE Fall/Winter 2007 collection showcase, I spotted a lady sporting the Gucci ‘indy’ top handle bag! Though I don’t care for the whole tassels look myself, its been very popular with the younger Hollywood set. And this lady gets full points for carrying the nicest version of the bag in the chocolate guccisima leather!


And the bag in question…

Buy Via Gucci

Does anyone know who that woman is?

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Here is a pic of Karisma Kapoor and her Gucci Horsebit Hobo. It saddens me when I see celebrities like her who have so much money (or atleast HAD) buy a logo covered bag. As if that was not enough, they buy one that is made of canvas! That is such a big DON’T. If you are going to be spending all that money and get a super expensive bag, why not just go ahead and spend a little bit more and get a good leather one. Ugghhh…


Now that I have picked on her so much, I better back it up with an alternative! Check out this delicious chocolate color Guccissima Hobo. As much as “logo overdose” is a crime, this bag is far more subtle and much more classy because of the leather, and not to mention.. yummy! Screams ‘Gucci’ and still is timeless and subtle.

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The word is Exotic and the world of Exotic bags is all up and about just being alive and kicking! We are talking Python, Alligator, Lizard, Anaconda.. you name it, imagine it, and if backed by serious purse strings, you can have it!

The bags in these Exotics are upwards of many thousands of dollars and without getting into the debate of, if it is right or wrong, ethical or not..some of these bags are gorgeous in all of their being. Feast your eyes on some of my picks..

Here is the Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Satchel. Beautiful isn’t it? You have to feel it to know it baby!! Buy for a mere (ahem) $3500.00 via Saks.

And here is the Bottega Veneta Limited Edition Python Hobo available at Saks for $4960.00. I know, I know its a bit heavy on the wallet but one can’t help admiring it..

And tell me how wonderful is this Bottega Veneta Anaconda bag.. Luscious is the word that comes to mind..but way over what I can even dream to afford at $4540.00..but that shouldn’t stop us from dreaming right? Read more via The Bag Snob.
(psst… Payal and I call them the Bottega Dreams! Ha!)

I love the texture of Python leather, its soft and buttery but still flaky..it is not perfect, and the leather has a bit of textured-grainy feel! You can constantly run your fingers on the leather, up and down the bag, absolutely loving the feel of it, without ever getting tired of it! Of course, I then started looking for an Exotic that can even be remotely afforded and I found this beautiful Gucci Black Python Princy Large Top Handle Tote at $1950.00. Still a hefty price but compared to whats in the market currently, this is practically a steal! And remember these prices are only going to keep going up, up and up, so this is a good investment methinks!Buy via Bergdorf Goodman. Take a look!

So..how Exotic are you?

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Patent In Fall

Unless you just crawled out of a rock, you will know that Patent is going to be big in Fall. Am not a fan of Patent, but when teemed with an understated and subtle outfit, a patent accessory might just be what you need to take it to that next level. Lets face it, some bags do work. Black is one of the only colors that probably looks the least ghastly in Patent, in fact, I will even go as far as to say that some of these bags are downright fabulous.

You might naturally be wary of spending big bucks on something that might just be a passing fad but looking at how long they have already been around and, even now, showing no signs of the trend being put to rest, I would say, its a safe buy.

Patent though is a risky risky business and not all that is out there is quite worth it but there are a few which really work and here is my list of Five Patent bags that are worth owning this Fall.

YSL Tribute, Buy Via Neiman Marcus For 1195

Versace Embroidered Shoulder Bag, Buy Via eLuxury For 1725

Gucci Snow Glam Medium Boston, Buy Via Neiman Marcus For 1795

Dior Cannage Vinyl Medium Shoulder Bag, Buy Via eLuxury For 1090

Burberry Beaton Quilted Patent Satchel, Buy Via Neiman Marcus For 1995

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