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When Fendi Does Fugly!

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Thats the Fendi Leopard Small Palazzo Bag priced at $1990! Its like one of their infamous bucket bags and has a leopard print and logo canvas lining! And it gets better, no worse, it is a goat hair bag, with leather accents and twisted handles! Eecks! It has a drawstring closure, and if only they threw in a safe and a key to lock in the monstrosity, wouldn’t it make a perfect buy?

What could be wrong with the bag below, I wonder? Is it the technicolor palette? Is it the clear sequins? Or the logos all over the place? Did I mention, all over? Is it the red piping? I wonder what about this Fendi Forever Sequined Borsa bag priced at $760, qualifies it as ‘fugly’! Oh, how I wonder! (Sheesh!)

Buy Via Neiman Marcus

Buy Via Neiman Marcus

You seriously aren’t wondering why The Fendi Large Sequin Spy Bag made the list, are you? But just in case, you are (and I can’t think why?!!), its just one word for you..sequins!! Ghastly, monstrous sequins! Nightmare inducing sequins. Ugly, ugly sequins! And at $4890, bloody expensive sequins! Sequins are a definitive trend this Fall, but when done like this…shudders!

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This one just takes the cake! The shape? The color? Everything? Priceless! Sarcasm people, sarcasm! Patchwork calfskin bag, the handles of which can also be folded over so that it can be carried like a clutch! And if you were to carry it like a clutch, with dimensions of 18″x 9″ (with acrylic panel folded over) x 2″, that is one big sized clutch to carry! Oh, and it doesn’t come cheap at $2,370!

And the bag below, oh boy! There are so many things wrong with it, where does one start? I hate the fact that their logo is slapped all over the place (again)! I mean, there is not one teeny bit left unclaimed! I don’t know what is worse, if it is the leopard like, overtly branded appliqué logo or the ruched effect on the corners with orange topstitching…Shudders (again)!! Does anyone love their Fendi so much that they are willing to, well, carry Fendi all over them? I bet there are a few of them out there with a love for the label and $1,220 burning a serious hole in their pocket..the unfortunate’ness of it all!!

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