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Ditto. A Day Apart!

It’s rare that at the same film festival, two personalities wear the same dress. Rarer when the personalities are associated to the same film. We don’t know who (stylist/loaner) screwed up but Freida who stars in Miral and Rula (the writer of Miral) were spotted wearing the same Dolce & Gabbana lace dress just one day apart!

Major screw up aside, who do you like more?

Left: Freida Pinto at Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Day 3
Right: Rula Jebreal at Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Day 4

Photo Credit: Daylife

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Again. Already?

It’s been barely over a week and Ms. Nair was spotted wearing her black satin outfit again, this time, at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. How we wish she’d worn the red bandhini outfit with the Loubs and the clutch. Now, that’s a look, we’d have liked much more.


Mira Nair
Left: ‘Amelia’ Screening
Right: Doha Tribeca Film Festival


Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Photo Credit: Wireimage

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