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In Narciso Rodriguez

This may be the first appearance of Divya Thakur (the creative head of Design Temple) on our blog but she is a regular at fashion soirees. Unfortunately her outing at the Dior Event launch was less than impressive. While, she looked bangin in the bandage Narciso dress, the footwear/bag (which she seems to love) didn’t compliment the dress at all.

But, it wouldn’t be fair to introduce her on the blog with a bad appearance now, would it? How lovely does she look in the James Ferreira red dress. Love it!

P.S. You can catch Priyanka Chopra wear the Narciso dress in Femina inside.

Left: Divya Thakur at Dior Store Launch
Right: Narciso Rodriguez Bandage Dress

Left: at Vogue Event
Right: at Tod’s Event


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Fresh Off The Runway

It’s no surprise to see sister Tina wear Tarun’s Spring 2011 collection first. I was already in love with Tina’s look but then I saw the model’s picture and that silver anklet’s got me drooling. It is such a great addition.

Left: Tarun Tahiliani, Spring 2011
Right: Tina Tahiliani Parikh at Dior Store Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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The Layer Effect

While some outfits may look fine on the runway, they may not look the same off it and Roohi’s is an example. She picked a pink ribbed top to make up for the bare mid-riff but the multi-layers cutting off at odd heights just makes this look so much worse. Add to that the gold accessories. I much preferred the contrasting colors on the runway. This look was plain WTHeyyy!. Surprising since Roohi does so great otherwise.

Left: Dior, Resort 2009
Right: Roohi Jaikishen at Dior Store Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Clutch Spotting

The folks at Valentino would have you literally believe in the adage, a bird in hand… And taking it a step further was Natasha with the nest do. :p

Kidding aside, if that was intentional, we get the humor (and love it too)! However, the look just isn’t working; it’s (the hair) bit much for the rather soft dress.

P.S: When we first tweeted about this clutch (see, another reason you should be following us), we didn’t really think we’d be seeing it on anyone anytime soon. Guess Ms Poonawala had to prove us wrong! :)

Left And Centre: Natasha Poonawala At Dior Store Launch
Right: Valentino Clutch

Photo Credit:Viral Bhayani

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Mellow Yellow

I quite like this look on Genelia but for the make-up. I get where she was going with the red lips and the contrast it offered against the pale yellow Dior gown but, it didn’t quite work for her.

That ruffled gown and braided hair called for a more fresh, dewy make-up palette that would’ve been perfect and made for a more romantic look. N’est-ce pas?

Genelia D’Souza At Dior Store Launch

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