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In Desigual

Lakshmi also served up as a showstopper at the fashion show held at the 100 Hearts fundraiser which probably explains why she went a more casual route at the event. She probably just rushed into the changing room to change into her fashion show outfit.

Having said though, do you wish she’d still put in more effort?


Lakshmi Raai at 100 Hearts Charity Event

Photo Credit: Ragalahari.com

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In Desigual

Mini picked a Desigual patchwork dress for the Talaash premiere. My mixed feelings for Desigual aside partly because most times their designs feel haphazard to me, don’t like the pairing of the dress with the stark white slingbacks either.

Ms. Mathur has set the bar so high with her sari appearances that it’s getting hard to like her in anything else. :)

Left: Mini Mathur at Talaash Premiere
Right: Desigual Dolmen Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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In Desigual

Ms. Purie tweeted this pic of her with Mr. Bachchan and we instantly recognized the Desigual Loraine Dress on her. I have mixed feelings about Desigual. Some of their patchwork stuff is pretty cool but some of the designs feel very busy, like this dress.

Left: Koel Purie in Desigual On On The Couch With Koel With Amitabh
Right: Desigual Loraine Dress

Photo Credit: Twitter

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