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Chivas Fashion Tour: Rahul Khanna And Rohit Gandhi

We liked it then and we like it now.

3-cue-chivas-fashion-tour-day-two.jpg 12-cue-chivas-fashion-tour-day-two.jpg

1-cue-chivas-fashion-tour-day-two.jpg 4-cue-chivas-fashion-tour-day-two.jpg

5-cue-chivas-fashion-tour-day-two.jpg 8-cue-chivas-fashion-tour-day-two.jpg

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So High

Jasmine Dawda and Twinkle Khanna have worn one, as have Vidya Malwade and Sophie Chaudhary… and now its Pia’s turn to be spotted in some severe high-waisted pants!!

Wish I had the hips/legs to wear them… for now, its some serious envy! :)


Pia Trivedi At Chivas Fashion Tour, Day One

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