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Genelia On Vogue India: (Un)Covered

Genelia graces the Dec issue of Vogue India wearing a black version of the crochet dress we’ve already seen on Kangna. On her, the dress has a more edgy effect by way of the studded belt, gloves and the silver pumps. Except, the open mouth pose give the look an odd effect. We are missing a mic, folks.

Catch more of Genelia’s editorial inside thanks to Nimi.

Left: Dior Resort 2011
Right: Genelia D’Souza on Vogue India Dec 2010



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From Real Life To Cover

When Freida first wore this Spring 2010 Valentino dress, how we wished she had worn the nude version. Well, Grazia India make us very happy peeps by not only putting Sonam in it on their 2nd Anniversary cover but also giving us a very fun cover shot by Vishesh Verma.

Had we known we were getting our wishes, we would’ve wished for…. now that’s for us to know and you to keep guessing!

Update: Added clearer pic and more pics of the shoot inside.


Left: Freida Pinto At 18th Annual Bafta Awards
Right: Sonam Kapoor on Grazia India April 2010


Blumarine, Spring 2010


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Katrina in GQ India:Decoded

We’ve already seen her on the cover in the red Versace here. Catch more of the lone woman featured in GQ’s Men Of The Year 2009 edition below. As beautiful as Ms. Kaif looks, why the same pose in (almost) all pics, not too mention the same styled gowns-with-slits?

Catch the men from GQ’s Men Of The Year Issue Here.


Versace, Pre-Fall 2009


Versace, Fall 2009


Blumarine, Fall 2009


Blumarine, Fall 2009

Photo Credit: Style, Farrokh Chotia

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Kajol in Vogue India: Decoded

It almost seems like, after looking at this Vogue India spread, that the dresses in question were picked before even deciding on subject. How else can you explain layering that beautiful Versace dress with a boring black top and the last pic where Kajol looks like she is trying to hold the dress up?

Catch more pics of the duo from Vogue Here.


Blumarine, Fall 2009


Versace, Fall 2009


Gucci, Fall 2009



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