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Ash And Lanvin

Remember we told you about Aishwarya being styled very trendily for the Pink Panther sequel sometime ago HERE ? There was the Yossi Harari Cuff and those gorgeous Louboutins!

It was the clutch though that stumped us! Until now, of course!


And the clutch itself in question? Well, its a Lanvin Suede Mini Jeanne, retailing for about $1160.00!!

Buy Via Barneys

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Chloé Kerala

Chloé has a new bag out, the Chloé Kerala leather shoulder bag and it looks pretty good! It has a nice yellow’ish leather, the shoulder straps look comfortable and the gold hardware is pretty much the standard Chloé fare. While I like the bag, its shape etc, I could do without the equestrian themed charms! And the whole Kerala reference zoomed past me…

Buy Via Net-A-Porter

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Fabulous For Less

I love trends just as much as the next fashionista in line for her latte, but lets face it, not all of us are blessed with paychecks that allow us to follow every fad, every season.. so we do what we must, pick and choose, and always, always, have a keen eye on the lookout for the next best buy!

Now, I know not much is needed to unravel that style goddess in you but we all need some help now and then, and if the tenet is, ‘Fabulous For Less’, you bet am listening! And so should you!

Besides, its not just ‘Fabulous For Less’, its all under $50 baby!! Got your attention now, didn’t I?

First up is a beautiful satin clutch in silver from Steve Madden. Silver is one of those classic colors for evening that you will get maximum use out of, for a very very long time. And it practically goes with everything! Besides, its priced at $48, and you aren’t about to hear any complaints!

Buy Via Steve Madden

Next up, the next big trend: cuffs. I’ve seen many of those, and either they are too boring or too expensive. But not this one, no sirrie. The Laced Up Cuff Bracelet from Rimistyle is just too much fun for words! The form is unexpected, modern, fun and whimsy. All that punch for a mere $22. Bliss huh?

Buy Via Rimistyle

And finally, Devi Kroell for Target is absolutely worship worthy! I love the faux snakeskin tote in dark charcoal gray and at $49.99, thats two trends for fall, packed in one great bag!

Buy Via Target

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The Black And White Of It All

How can one bag, the same identical bag, in two different colors, evoke two totally different reactions? I’ll tell you how.. just look at the Biba Patent Bag and let the reactions stumble out of you.

I absolutely hate the Black Patent Biba bag; the patent leather is way too shiney and tacky looking and that big, gold ‘B’ is absolutely obnoxious.

However, look at the same bag in white.. it is actually pretty muted, understated, and that big ‘B’ in silver, gives it just the right amount of funk to make it stand out, in a good way. I have no real complaints about the bag’s shape itself, and the size looks good. The White Patent Bag seems a good way to do a trend without being a style don’t.

And currently, marked down from $745.00 to $484.00, it sure is kind on the wallet.

( Buy Via Neiman Marcus )

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