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Letters: Preity’s Clutch

Hello P&P

I was wondering if you guys could figure out which purse Preity’s carrying. The belt is Fendi.

Take Care

Preity Zinta Fan Club


The belt is indeed a Fendi (which Preity wore again with another black dress during Cannes 2007) and as for the clutch from the ‘Apne Premiere’, it is a Bottega Veneta from the Spring 2007 collection. It wasn’t the first time she gave us this look. Earlier that year at Cannes, Preity wore the same belt with a sheath dress and another BV clutch.

If you are looking to buy the clutch, it will be hard to come across considering it is a couple of seasons old unless of course there is an occasional listing on eBay. ;)


Left: Preity Zinta at ‘Apne’ Premiere
Top Right: Fendi Perforated Belt
Below Right: Bottega Veneta, Spring 2007


Left: At Cannes 2007, May 2007
Right: At ‘Apne’ Premiere, Jul 2007

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Classic Or Trendy?

We spotted Padmini Kolhapuri carrying a sequined Chanel bag recently and we couldn’t help but think that Kareena’s classic Chanel beats the sequined version hands down. Or is it just that Padmini couldn’t pull it off?

Kareena carrying a classic Chanel

Padmini carrying a sequined Chanel

Chanel Quilted

Chanel Sequined

Our question to you though is, how do you pick your favorites? Go for the classics, the trendy, a mix or you have no clue what we are talking about?

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