Tabu On Vogue India: A First Look

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How many ways can you say breathtaking?

(Of course, it is photoshopped, but she looks great in the beige gown, which we are looking for too! ;) )

Update: Tabu is wearing a Blumarine strapless dress on the cover.


Left: Tabu on Vogue India January 2009
Right: Blumarine, Fall 2008


Tabu on Vogue India January 2009


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  1. Congratulations. This is the first cover from Vogue India that looks true to the mark. This is a fabulous picture of Tabu – hats of to the stylist, makeup and hair department, photographer and lighting technicians and the computer wizard who take the pictures to the wrinkleless, poreless and flawless levels.

  2. The headline on the left says – Has India lost her curves?
    Answer: Yes, due to your EXCESSIVE photoshop-ing!

    Tabu has a gorgeous face though and I never thought she was fat/overweight. She would’ve looked fine on the cover anyways.

  3. *Forgot to add*

    Even if it is photoshopped it doesn’t matter because she probably still looked decent to start with. Little tweaking never hurt anyone! haha

  4. Tabu looks gorgeous… this n the bipasha cover are the only covers i have liked… too much photoshopping generally makes their cover looks fake… katrina was horrible

  5. If there’s one word to describe Tabu, it is SENSUAL. and I’m more than fine with the body she has (tho ofcourse she looks great toned-up on the cover too).

  6. Agree with the first comment by Evare. This is definitely the first cover by vogue that is upto international standards. I wouldn’t want to see fat and wrinkles on a cover, so for me some photoshopping is ok as long as that makes the cover look better. Tabu looks gorgeous as always.

  7. She rocks. Tabu is a woman of substance who has lived life on her own terms. The Oct 2008 issue of departure magazine has a beautiful full length photo of her in a long white dress.

  8. she looks absolutely amazing!!! im really happy to see that vogue hasnt chosen a candy-floss actress but some one who almost used to shun glamor at one point. well done!!

  9. WOW one of the best every covers, it puts all the other covers with karena and the rest to sham, very natural very wow very innocent very artistic
    very orginal and refreshing, you go girl


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