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Wearing an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla anarkali, Tabu attended Yuvika and Prince Narula’s wedding on Saturday evening. She kept it simple by wearing just a red lip and skipping on jewellery and I quite liked.



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  1. I am not sure what to like in this to skip jewellery she is not going to some ones death anniversary. she should wear some nice jewellery for the wedding,.i some how not able to come to the fact, she looks ok. that dress is fine which is expected frmo abujani SK.

  2. better make up and some jewelry would go a long way Tabu. its as if she left home in the middle of getting ready
    Its a wedding not a funeral.
    thumbs down on this look

  3. Seriously she came to a wedding without any makeup ? You can see her dark circles and tiredness . If she could wear this hideous outfit she could have spent 5 mins to some make up lol

  4. The no jewellery look would have worked maybe wid better make up and hair do. This looks like she just stopped trying after putting on the dress

  5. Maybe its just me, but not dressing up (doesn’t mean going ott but better makeup and some jewellery) for someone’s wedding is sort of disrespectful. its like their wedding wasn’t important enough for you to bother to dress up. Im sure she wouldn’t dress like this for an ambani wedding.

  6. There’s a fine like between looking “simple” and looking shabby. this veers towards that! i know overblinged celebs at a wedding is borderline rude, but this seems no better!

  7. Toxic comments. She is not even posing for the camera. I don’t think she would have even wanted to have her pictures here for all to disect. And even if she did, how is having dark circles ugly and then how is it okay to comment about it? It’s sad that women themselves perpetuate the need for makeup. You guys are literally asking her to hide her ‘ugly ass real self’ because showing her naked face is disrespecting the wedding. Like how??!!

    • yes, she its up to her to wear make-up or not… we are so used to blingy -made up looks that simple ones seem underwhelming.. there is a video of her smiling and warmly wishing the couple – so lovely she looked !


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