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At Drishyam radio promotions, Tabu was seen in another Bungalow 8, this time a blue printed shirt dress. Worn with kolhapuri chappals, her look as finished out with an Amrapali ring and a loosely braided do. Considering I prefer relaxed fits, I’d wear this look in a jiffy but am sure some of you would’ve liked to see a belt here. Yes/No?


Tabu at Drishyam Promotions

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    • Whats the deal with kolhapuris? Why people get restless each time an actor(like vidya, tabu) wears it ? I would really like to know coz i myself wear them often and they feel comfy.

  1. Matching blue eye shadow, really? lol. The look is gloomy maybe to elevate the mood for the film. The kolhapuris like Asha mentioned definitely need some rest. :P

  2. Wow! that is one strange pose!! I wonder why all these Celebs stand like that, cross legged? To me it looks like they’re desperate to go to the bathroom.. Dress is nice and she looks good

    • Ha Ha! Nice one – Desperate to go to the bathroom…..
      s i even observed aishwarya always standing like that, i assume they think it makes them look thin when legs are crossed.

    • + agree. plus, with this shapeless dress, she surely can’t think crossing her legs will suddenly allow her to be photographed like Marilyn Monroe.


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