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Bought on Thursday at Neha Agarwal’s ‘Luxe Lover’ Collection preview, Sussanne quickly put the clutch to use at the Lavassa Car Rally Awards on Saturday. Pairing pink with the white was a good choice, except neither did we care for the blingy clutch and you already know how we feel about that dress ! You didn’t forget this appearance of hers in the same dress, did you?

Now, a simple clutch like the one on Parmeshwar (see below) and I would snag that up in a jiffy.


Left: Sussanne Roshan at Lavassa Car Rally Awards
Right: A clutch From Neha Agarwal’s Luxe Lover Collection


Parmeshwar Godrej at Katrina Kaif’s Bash, 2008

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, IndiaGlitz

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  1. seems like she chose to wear the dress exactly 1 year later.. check the date.. march 30th! haha i guess history DOES repeat itself! lol

  2. beacuse the ruching is not very clear here, the dress looks allright here. She needs to change her hair colour. Love the shoes. am on the fence about the bag, love the colour but not the ornamentation

  3. It’s entertaining to me that so many wives of Bollywood royalty are such horrible dressers. All the money in the world …
    I’m a broke college student but if I can manage to look decent on my budget of pennies, so should these women.

    Anyways, I’m not a big fan of woven bags so I can’t really appreciate the clutches, but I think Parmeshwar paired hers well.

  4. Hate it. The dress is awful and the hair worse. On the fence about the clutch though.. I’m not sure I would have paired it with this dress and shoes.

  5. Oh Gosh, just saw a clear picture of the dress.. okay, if the dress looked how it does in THESE pictures, it would have been really pretty.. =/

  6. Never like much of anything Parmeshwar sports but agree here – that clutch is a helluva a lot better then Suzanne’s recent purchase.

  7. Actually i like suzzanes clutch better(If its same one as in right-side pic).I hate Ms godrej’s boring one.
    But yesi would never care to buy both.

  8. these “clutches” are super cheap in indonesia and are available on the road side made by farmers and poor kids. they are made of a material called “rattan”. wonder how much these cost?? great business idea. get cheap rattan cases, put some beads on them and voila! “a designer clutch”

  9. Ms godrej always so sensual and elegant and sexy in white …. I would love to be her arm candy any given day …. This lady surely is a class apart


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