Sussanne on Hi Living:(Un)Covered

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Hi Living does its take on King Kong with Sussanne in a strapless Giorgio Armani gown playing the damsel (not quite) in distress.

As much as I love Armani, it’s the sculpture that has more of my interest. :P

Left: Giorgio Armani, Spring 2011
Right: Sussanne Roshan on Hi Living April 2011

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. Bust Up…she looks ravishing…but nothing else works for me in that dress -the pose looks seems as if she is wearing flats..also i’m not too fond of ankle length dress/gowns..they are pretty difficult to carry off and she fails…

  2. sussanne does look more gorgeous on the cover than she really is in person , and many thanks to photoshopping that her orange hair is on a break. but yup it is the sculpture the hogs all the limelight. Would have preferred the dress on somebody with a more fuller figure like Ash or Katrina…

  3. this sculpture is from her store, charcoal project and is made from car parts; for all the hype surrounding the store, doesnt quite click, sadly! she’s always at the store though and sufficiently glams it up! i would kill for this dress!!

  4. I am in love with Sussanne’s look..she looks fresh and so magnificent…the sculpture surely catches d attention..but i hope the editing of the picture could have been better..

  5. Is this the same dress worn by Aishwarya at Oscars, I mean in different colour?…. that one was also a shimmering Giorgio Armani in shimmer…. Suzanne is glowing for a change and does not looks as if she hasn’t eaten in days……

  6. afta a very long time suzanne looks this great not sick or anything….i like the color of her gown…
    but true K kong took all my attention….


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