Shimmer And Shine

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Great color, suspect gown (a Nandita Mahtani). Very suspect.


Sussanne Khan Roshan At IIFA Awards 2010, Colombo

Photo Credit: Daylife, Viral Bhayani

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  1. great coliur, great smile, pretty girl
    she looks lovely but the gown is just too shimmery
    but she looked alot better than the other heroines

    and what gorgeous arm candy she has! check out her tattoo

  2. The only good thing about this is the colour, which looks great on her skin tone. Otherwise, tacky to the max topped off with unfinished-looking hair.

  3. All is well with her except the lifeless hair. she looks fresh and delicate.
    Please bear my ignorance but what does “suspect” means here…?

  4. The hair! Oh come on how difficult is it to get a good blowout?! Or do something halfway decent with it? Sloppiness is just not acceptable.

  5. Despite access to all the money, the looks, the handsome partner and designers how do people manage to reach new lows! Tacky to the core.

  6. Wow her hair is a hot mess. Didn’t even bother really thinking much about the gown – wish they had focused on the hair as well.

  7. it was hot and humid in sri lanka- thats why her hair prob went flat, the men were stripping off coats and sweating like there was no tomorrow!


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