Inside Out.

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Time and again we keep coming back to the topic of how important it is to wear the right innerwear because in this day and age we still see so many get it so wrong. You just have to take a real close look at Sushma and Shehnaz to know what we mean! While one could have used something that wasn’t so obvious at the edges, the other could have used a color that didn’t pop from ‘down under’. No pun intended!

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Sushma Reddy and Shehnaz Treasurywala, ‘The President Is Coming’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I agree, Shenaz is very cute….she has not aged a bit.
    That was off topic.

    Wrong innerwear so not done.
    On closer review ….. Shenaz should have seen herself in proper light before stepping out. She is showing quite a bit which, I am sure, is unintentional. She is normally quite good so this is a bit surprising.

  2. maybe I need to recalibrate my screen again but I can’t see nothing on the second pic..

    ARGH is it like one of those 3D pictures you stare for ages then you see something?? i could never see the hidden pictures in them

  3. hmmm so wot colour do u suggest in Shehnaz’s case??? I often avoid such dresses as m not very enlightened about such matters… confused whethr de colour shud b changed or shud der b sum othr option as light can pass thru such thin cloth n shw de body silhouette…. not very comfortable wid dat eithr..

  4. mind I say, Shenaz’s knickers are visible too….but that’s only when you look closely. That’s what I was getting at in my comment above but I don’t think anyone got it.
    I like Shenaz, so it’s killing me when I write something so nasty :(
    The dress is lovely & summery, I really like it.

  5. Whats gone wrong with Sushma. She has been to quite a few international circuits so this is not expected of her. It seems she just took off the straps from her “B” as I can see the loop holes. You know how there are multi purpose bras. But I suggest the silicone cups always works better in such dresses.
    Shehanz is always well dressed and the mistake she made is surely unintentional.


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