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The Spring 2011 collection from Dolce and Gabbana has been quite the celebrity favorite… And the first to be spotted wearing it on this side of the pond was Surily Goel.

I had quite a few favorites in this collection, this babydoll dress wasn’t one of them. Also, to rock the boudoir look, it takes sumthinsumthin and am not sure Ms. Goel’s bringing it!

Do however love her earthy make-up and think Surily looks fabulous neck-up!

Left: Dolce And Gabbana Spring 2011
Centre, Right: Surily Goel At Maheep Kapoor’s Birthday Bash

Surily Goel

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Style

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  1. Are those grey roots shining through? If so, I am pretty sure the “babydoll” is not a good look on her. I do like the shoes, though!

  2. SERIOUSLY?? The make-ups horrible, the skin’s oozing out oil and are those grey roots?? She looks positively horrible

  3. Where to begin? First the gray roots. Absolutely nothing wrong with gray hair but in this case, not taking the trouble or time to dye it, looks sloppy. Second, as someone said earlier, she needs a blotting paper and third, the babydoll dress gives a ‘budhi ghodi laal lagaam’ vibe.

  4. The make-up and the grey roots make her look tired or maybe she actually was! Didn’t like her dress either…nah the whole look is not working this time.

  5. i think she looks good…i saw the pic n i was like ..oooooh…she looks great n then i read ur comments n i took a second look at the pic….but im goin to disagree wit u guys here…i think she looks pretty nice …her dress goes very well with her dusky skin…pretty pretty…me super like!!!!!!!!!1


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