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Overheard at the ‘WYR’ Screening

Sunita (whispering to her husband Ashutosh): “I really should send flowers to Priyanka for making me look good at this screening. Yes, I know this gown ain’t all that and neither is my hair or makeup, but darling, did you see her!”

Ashutosh: “Of course, honeybunch. You should thank me though. I told her to pick that outfit over a Ferretti gown that she was planning to really wear. Told her she would look like a very ‘Fashion’able ‘Chandni’ from the year ‘2050’.


Sunita Gowariker

Disclaimer: The above conversation wasn’t actually heard! :P

Photo Credit: WireImage

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  1. I love her saree. I just wish she had done something more with her hair – it is a bit straggly.

    She looks stylish and elegant next to skanky looking Priyanka.

    • i dont thinks its a saree hon, its a one shouldered Grecian inspired dress, not original but nice. She should have done something with her hair tho.

      The rest of you, stop with this fugs for fugs sake:))

  2. You know, today I was reading GoFugYourself and they had one of their typical faux convos and I thought to myself, “man, HHC should rake up this style, It’s hilariouss.” and loook my wish came true :) keep it up

    I’m on my phone so I can’t see the dress properly but it seems like an elegant one worn sophisticatedly (maybe fixing the hair wouldn’t hurt)

    • well apprently P&P follow GoFugYourself more closely than we all thought…where GoFug make it interesting and entertaining…this one is again a catch up game and not halfway as original or entertaining…few big words and awarenses of labels does not a fashion connoisseur make

  3. How ‘GoFugYourself’ of you.
    You complain about ‘seeing double’ and then lift ideas from other fashion blogs.
    And pls dont dumb it down for us…. yes, we get it…. you are being sarcastic.

    • getting an idea is one thing Zen. if people didn’t get ideas from somewhere else the world wouldn’t work. you know there were many fashion blogs before HHC came into the picture. and copying word for word and stealing pictures with no credit is another. if you didn’t know the difference. sorry to think you didn’t know that.

      • actually, what you’re referring to as “getting ideas’ – is called plagiarism in the journalistic world – aren’t you benefitting from this blog?

        you’re like the anu malik of the fashion blog world.

        tried to reference someone you’d get.

    • wat..?serisly wat..?…y r u being so overcritical bout pnp s writibg style..?. do the fugs have a patent on this kinda thing…?or r u ppl purposly tryin tyo be stupid…even in the past pnp have had posts where they asked the readers ki comment on wat the person in the pic is thinkin or sayin..n its all for fun…so ppl stop advertisin gofug here…u don like it here then gofugyrself…; )

    • holdon…this whole “making up conversations” has been a feature in blogs, in magazines, comics, newspapers, books, tv shows, in conversations…like everywhere.

      it’s a writing style, not nec. copied off another website, since it was kinda there before websites were invented or even books for that matter.

      btw, “high heel” omg! LoL how uncreative of them :P

      no offence meant, just pointing out the obvious

  4. Have said this already but it really is refreshing to see your new innovative commentary, you’ve changed it up :)

    Would also love to see you branch out a little, since I think it’s fair to say the blog’s a success, and there’s a certain relationship you’ve developed with readers… to sort of expand and explore new avenues, like speaking a little ore about your opinions, do’s and don’t and other fashion related things. I mean I don’t mean commentary or expansion for the sake of it but to develop a relationship further with the people who read it and exchange more thought on other fashion related things more often… that kinda thing

  5. HAHAHA MORE CREATIVITY, and this time you went past the metahphor and into an acutal plot :D
    For a second there, I actually thought you had been secretly concealing your celeb persona’s from us but nay
    The hair and makeup is so BLEH

  6. Agree with zen…the psuedo-conve is TOTALLY lames. Dress is nothing special, nice in a boring, bland way, clutch ruins the ensemble though, a BV knot would have been so much more suitable


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