Style Spotlight: Samantha Akkineni

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Style spotlight is a feature that sheds light on South Indian celebrities that have been pushing the style envelope. This week, we are talking about Samantha Akkineni’s personal style. While she is known for churning out some winning fashion looks, it’s her un-styled, personal collection of shoes on her instagram profile, that caught our eye.

From whimsical flats (Charlotte Olympia), to comfy espadrilles(Chanel) and fun shoes (Aquazzura), she has them all. Here’s a glimpse at her shoes. Must say that we are quite in awe of her collection.

Are you more of a bag person or is it all about the shoes for you too? Do you have a pair of shoes that are you are currently obsessing about?

On Samantha, L-R: Aquazzura “Wild Thing” Heels, Charlotte Olympia “Kitty” Flats, Chanel Espadrilles

On Samantha, L-R: Aquazzura “Wild Thing” Heels, Fendi “Monster” Flats

On Samantha, L-R: Chanel Espadrilles, Gucci “Princetown” Slippers (Buy Here)

On Samantha, L-R: Valentino “Rockstud” Heels (Buy Here), Aquazzura “Wild Thing” Heels, Dior “J’adior” Slingbacks (Buy Here) and Charlotte Olympia “Kitty” Flats

Images Courtesy: Samantha Akkineni’s Instagram

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  1. While I like the post and also the shoes, what I don’t understand is that special mention of ‘South Indian Celebrities pushing the envelop’. While this blog reports on ‘Indians’ or ‘Indian designers’ which includes south/north/east/west every part of India.
    On what basis is this segregation?
    A person born in south? Which should include Deepika Padukone, Aiswarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty, Aditi Rao Haidri, Rekha, Hema Malini, Illeana and the likes. So are you going to include them as well in these ‘South’ articles?
    Or people who act in South Industry but are not really born there too? Then it should also include Tamannah, Kajal, Hansika, Rashi Khanna, etc
    Just trying to set my own expectations.

    • Agreed, we didn’t think of it this way. Idea is to feature actors from regional cinema and going forward we’ll drop the “South” and feature actors that catch our eye from non-hindi medium cinema.

    • It’s not a nationalist segregation, but about the concentration of actors and film industry of that particular region.. like punjabi film industry, Bollywood and so south.

      • No, the blogger wrote “South Indian celebrities”. Read again.
        Nobody says North Indian celebrities, so the same way you can’t say South Indian celebrities.
        That’s a wrong description.
        You can probably say “celebrities in South film industry”.

        • Well partly agree and partly not, because there is nothing like South film industry. There is Telugu industry,Tamil industry, Kannada industry and Malayali industry.. and there is absolutely nothing common between these.. you won’t put together all Punjabi Marathi Bengali and may be bojpuri together and call it North film industry.

          • LOL you are right Sugo. I know.
            Many Indians don’t know how many states and union territories we have. And how many languages, dialects, cuisines, types of classical dance forms, types of classical music we have. The types of handloom weaves we have in each state, the different language film industries we have. Many Indians don’t have knowledge on these. So I had to say like that. :)

  2. Her shoes are awesome, even if she were not South Indian.
    This post is a sample of how to patronise 4 states, about a third of Indians, and (at least) 4 booming language cinema industries, and several sub-cultures all in one go. #Cringe
    I think this whole ‘style spotlight on South India’ deserves a serious re-think.


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