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Ms. Kapoor has been very busy promoting Khoobsurat and giving us more layered printed looks while at it.

Of the ones you see, got a favorite?

Catch more pics of Sonam in the Saunders inside.


Left: Jonathan Saunders Shirt & Pants, Tsura Earrings, Manish Arora For Amrapali Rings, Alexander Wang Bag and Roger Vivier Pumps
Center: Pankaj and Nidhi Jacket, River Island Shirt, Sonal Kalra Ahuja Skirt, and Ferragamo Bag and Flats
Right: Payal Pratap jacket, Alexander Wang top, Asos skirt and Dolce & Gabbana Pumps


Sonam Kapoor at Umang 2014 for Khoobsurat Promotions

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. I can never understand the fashion icon tag of Sonam, it belittles the word. An icon is someone a generation can follow, who is like you and yet isn’t like Kate moss. When Kate wears a Parka the next season all the shops do parkas and the girls wear them and add their spin on it. Sonam is fashionable and is a clothes horse, and a good one at that. Please lets not confuse the two. I have never seen Sonam wear anything and think ooh I could wear that too. I wanted to say it somewhere ..although i know it might not go with your post :p

    • Well it was her who made the other actresses take fashion seriously, hire stylists and designers for thmselves. She changed the game of fashion in bollywood. You can see all of them and their fashion sense before sonam arrived. And well thats enough to call her a fashion icon.

  2. LOL!@ all the hoopla about this tour. Idk why it’s so difficult for people to understand that she is dressing IN CHARACTER as she is promoting her upcoming movie. They did an awesome job at blurring the lines, mixing it & creating new visuals. & That is what being a trendsetter IS about.
    You can see Mili mixed with Sonam & it’s always a well-coordinated print clash.

    Peeps need to remember that what is considered acceptable today was innovative @ one point & even ridiculed by some. Maybe they need to open their mind to new possibilities, than they might understand SMH.

    I prefer the first one (because PANTS!), but all her looks have been well made & mixed. Hope she keeps using highstreeet brands in the most unusual ways till the end.


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