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We’ll be the first to admit that our first ever Hermès will probably be a Birkin. We say probably only because it is NEVER going to happen or more like our better halves will never let it happen :(. But, our woes aside, it was refreshing to see Sridevi go a different route and get herself a So Kelly shoulder bag instead of the regular Kelly/Birkin that everyone else begins an Hermes collection with. Except, she just didn’t stop there. What’s a bag without a classic Hermès scarf and a pair of pumps to match. :P

At some level, yes it is a bit much, but she does look good, doesn’t she?


Left: Sridevi at IMC Women Entrepreneurs Exhibition
Top Right: Hermès So Kelly Bag, Fall 2008
Below Right: Hermès Sandals

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Uh…I think that bag is not that pretty in orange o_O in fact, it’s sort of fugly. OH man i just killed a bug by accident :( Sorry. Anyways I too have trouble discerning if I own a Kelly or a Birkin (vintage, of course) when dreaming aobut my future. Grace Kelly is my fashion idol, but…BIRKIN! It’s (obviously) an issue.

  2. If Looks can KILL. then i am the one to die first……..our Lady impresses everytime…SRI u simply rock..n the combimation is very odd but still she luks regal..

  3. oh look at me, i can afford all these obscenely expensive name brand stuff…it’s tacky and overkill when you take it as far as she has. sorry but she looks repulsive to me

  4. Looking great here.The match is a good experiment. @Highheel awaiting your comments on DKD special Sridevi. To me, she was breathtakingly gorgeous on the show.

  5. sri is 46 and she is the only actress of her age who cna manage to look like this … can you imagine actresses of her generation wearing this dress and looking like this ? more power to sri and she did look rocking on DKD please …. please …. please ost her pics from that show …. what dress was she wearing there ? anyways i do have a problem with her shoes …. bad bad bad choice that orange shoes is fugly …. really bad but she looks like a knockout …. ;)


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