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Oh Sri, must you mess with us so? Not only did you have me stay an extra half hour on the treadmill, you also had me pass on that Margarita and today was such a Margharita day)!

At the Dabangg premiere, Sridevi made an appearance in a flirty top paired with a Hervé Léger skirt, Alexander McQueen studded skull clutch and some sky-high peep-toes. And she worked the hell outta them.

Sridevi At Dabangg Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. So I may well be in the minority here but that skirt is one size too tight IMO. She looks good but the fit of the skirt almost looks like she is squeezed into it or something.

    • i second you on that…the color combi did not work for me. On other websites, more pics were posted and he blouse looks transparent and that Shri was walking with her daughter. Not a good style example

    • yeah and something about Sridevi dressed like that always screams ‘ghat’….( I already know Im the minority) I know she is in good shape and is gorgeous and all that..but she always seems 1 day my mom said..’here Im going to put on this tight skirt and top and high heels coz Ive worked on my body’…..something abt her will still scream ..’not quite’ to me…..(hmmpf! maybe I need to open my mind a little….but until then….I dont like this look too much)

  2. daaaayyyuuuuuuuum…if i look like that when i get to her age i cud be a happy little camper today…thinking of what lay in my future :-)
    do agree that the skirt may be a size too small, but the overall effect is so va va voom that for once it doesn’t matter!!

  3. Ummm.. the skirt is tight enough to be almost tacky.. the blouse is lovely.. her legs r looking good.. she should have styled her hair in a pony to show off the shoulders

  4. I love everything about this look…and I seriously want one of everything she’s wearing…except for the clutch…I want that clutch in every color and design there is!

  5. she should have gone for a tight fitted dark top (either black or dark grey) with that tight skirt to add some contrast.
    hope she stops loosing any more weight, as her face is looking weak.

  6. Hi guys:) i am here after a long time and i must say i am rather amused by some of the criticisms on this post first things first sri turned 47 this august and lets all wish her a belated happy birthday secondly i think most of the criticisms for this post is coming from a dark place … most people are just plain jealous of how gorgeous she looks for her age … i mean where are are her contemporaries do they look as gorgeous as her …. ? lets be fair guys … she is 47 … she is fit and healthy and hence a good role model for 40 plus women …. secondly she is trying so lets be a little positive here and appreciate the effort after all she has the assets …. ( read the legs and the bust :P)
    P S she looks absolutely stunning this is exactly the kinda look i wanted to see her in …. so i am happy yay!

    • Okay, so for fun sake, lets see how her contemporaries (in age) fare:

      Juhi Chawla – Age 43.
      Madhuri Dixit: Age 43
      Jaya Prada: Age 48
      Padmini Kolhapure: Age 45

      They all look pretty gorgeous (and fit) to me!

      And for more fun sake, lets see how some women older than her fare:
      Hema Malini (age 62) – kicks butt
      Shobhaa de (age 60) kicks butt 2
      Sharmila Tagore (age 64) kicks butt too.
      Zeenat Aman (age 59) – need I say more.

      But then these gals wouldn’t be caught dead in a leger. Um, maybe Zeenat, but that’s it.

      So point taken. Boy, that was fun!!

        • i think you missed the whole point. i was just pointing out that sri makes that extra effort … to try something different …. ( sri has always experimented……… from neeta lulla to manish malhotra to herve leger sri sure has come a long way not that i like herve leger :P) so she is moving on guys ….. lets all applaud her for that…… she experiments from time to time and tries to get out of her comfort zone …. and as we all know when one experiments one can go wrong sometimes ….. its implied …. and any woman with a body like hers should experiment….. OFFCOURSE!!! one can wear short skirts ( tight or otherwise :P) as long as they can carry it off with dignity and elegance and sri has that innate dignity and elegance and femininity to carry clothes that some might want to call revealing …. NOW fun sake let me reply to your reply :P …. juhi chawla allthough is pretty …. she does not get brownie points for experimenting …… besides juhi does not have the height ….. and ditto with all the other names that you just mentioned i mean madhuri is seen rarely these days so she does not count and when she does make a public appearance she wears sarees from kala niketan ( nothing wrong with kala niketan sarees :P) padmini kolhapuri … i think P ‘N’ P and all of us know better …. dont even get me started on jaya prada …. she has fried hair which is enough to put everyone off and lets face it sri has an advantage over her simply because she does not have fried hair and is much taller than her and hence looks lovely in a leger :) ….. the rest of the other women they all carry themselves very well for their age and i love all of them … sigh .
          i rest my case :)

          • I second u on every thing u just said. All the other old chicks have ponches. And it looks as if the flesh is gonna melt of their faces.Sris definitely a standout. And ull have to be a compete lunatic to not see it. Tough i respect all ur opinions. This is mine. But yes i agree the skirt is a tad too tight. She still works. Woner if you guys can when your 47.

  7. Yashu, Akka, Kitty
    If you do not like her….you don’t need to try. And is there any obligation to watch her? She doesn’t need you. She has too many admirers and this board is a proof.

  8. @Anu
    Imagine every actress in your list in the outfit Sri is wearing and lets hear from you !

    BTW, how could you miss Rekha? She is the only one besides Sri who can carry any outfit.
    BTW, Hema Malini and Jaya Prada are one of the most beautiful FACES I have ever seen but the same can’t be said about their height and figure.

  9. My absolute favourite, she is d only women loved by masses n classes..n delish it with high fashion sense.. love Hervé Léger on her..she has a body to flaunt not like hemas, rekha, jaya n 45 plus still she keeps my heart pumping………adore u sri

  10. It’s Margaritas, if you refer to the cocktails. She looks great for her age but the skirt doesn’t do it for her. You gotta be really skinny for a bandage dress (see Gisele Bündchen).


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