Sridevi on Filmfare:(Un)Covered

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With the release of her comeback movie just around the corner we’re bound to see a lot more of Sridevi on print. Here’s her on the Filmfare one in a grey Shahab Durazi.

Sridevi on Filmfare Aug

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Gorgeousness! She looks almost the same from her earlier Tamil movies.
    One of the least photoshopped pics I would guess since they wouldn’t have had to lighten her skin or work any wonders on her bod.

      • I don’t see much of a difference in terms of real life pics and this. Yes there is photoshopping done but look at her lean arms, bod structure or her skin tone, it’s the same when you see her in other events on HHC. If you looked at those 3 covers that had Parineeta, you would know in comparison this is nothing. This looks like the real Sridevi and not some one else.

  2. her face is so resplendent that they couldve totally done away with the atrocious photo shopping of her hips, that alone kills it for me. why didnt they just let it be for once…sigh.

    that aside she looks fantastic

  3. I find her eyes looking very tired. They should have done a better job with the eye make up. But that aside, the photoshopping is so amateur. Why do that to an already beautiful woman?

  4. Lovely lady, great actress.

    Her face itself however is between radiant youthfulness and the serenity of old age. Its that old face/figure thing in middle age…..

    And perhaps I am the only one but she’s a woman who looks so perfect in a sari she should wear them more.

  5. She looks gorgeous… There always seems to be some extra cheer and energy around her…
    About photoshop, people have gone nuts these days…
    Its not just covers.. I got a PP size pic done n those crazy guys were removing birthmarks from my face.. !!

  6. You can very clearly see the photoshopping on her hips….right side… gets tucked in and suddenly bulges out…very amateur attempt at photoshopping!


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