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Both ladies chose to wear Manish Malhotra saris while attending the designer in question’s show during the Couture Week and it really was no contest, Sri outshone Sophie by a mile.

Velvet isn’t our thing but we’d take Sri’s sari anyday over Sophie’s OTT one.



Sridevi (Left) And Sophie Chaudhary At Couture Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Sridevi looks radiant. Great hair and makeup. Is velvet MM’s theme for his new collection? the red velvet border on sophie’s saree looks terrible.

  2. Sridevi’s saree would have been TOTAL LOVE had it not had the velvet. I just LOOOVE the simplicity, it’s not something you see very often in Desi clothes. The color combination is fab too.
    Sophie just looks tacky. (<- period)

  3. Sofie’s saree looks really terrible. The red trim is yuck!!

    Sridevi’s saree on the other hand looks very nice & I don’t think the velvet blouse looks bad at all. It compliments the saree. It’s a good contrast. Love the colour on Sri. Will she ever age?

  4. sri devi’s sari is pretty because of the colour, and the fact that she drapes it well…at least the velvet on her outfit is mainly the blouse and not all over the sari…but seriously manish malhotra must be on sale…every celebrity is wearing the same stuff…oh and of course sophie’s sari is ridiculous…the frilly trimmings just look stupid…

  5. Honestly, does anyone like velvet borders on saris?!

    Sophie’s sari main body is very similar to Priyanka’s ‘Desi Girl’ gold sari (also styled by MM I think). It looks like the DG sari with a barf-inducing pleated red velvet border stitched on.

  6. Except for the colour of Sridevi’s saree, i dont dig Manish’s collection and mostly disastrous work with velvet and gold.
    But that colour on sridevi makes you forgive everything!!

  7. i actually like the velvet on sri’s sari. velvet is a nice feature material when used in reasonable doses. now sophie, i can’t think of another word to describe the sari other than GROTESQUE. i just don’t really get why manish malhotra is such a big deal: he does plenty of movie “styling”, but it’s pretty much just one idea repeated on ever actress.

  8. a classic case of desiner bolck.on one hand sridevis saree is magnificent i mean the simplicity is begetting and on the other hand sophies is ………..>i dont have words<i mean r these from the same can he make one person look great and the other sloppy.either he hates sophie or he forgot to put a "do not buy even for 1 rs "sign on that saree

  9. Sridevi’s saree reminds me of a saree my mom had. same color combo of blue and silvery blue border. thought the border was bigger than this. loved that saree. she got lot of compliments. want to buy now…where can i buy that saree??


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