Spotted On Ash’s Arm..

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..the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato patent tote! Except, with all yummy bags BV has to offer, why oh why, did Ash pick this one!

Not just us, a lot of bag enthusiasts have dissed this bag and just take one look at it and you’ll know why!(Just imagine that chain link digging into your shoulder!)


P.S. That calico print dress is makin me vomit!


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  1. LOL. I read about the bag and before I scrolled down, thinking that was the end of the post, I wondered – why has HHC not said anything about that dress!
    And lo and behold, I was not disappointed: “That calico print dress is makin me vomit!” Classic.

  2. Perhaps it’s because the color matches the red print on her frock. If it looked the same in real as it looks in the picture colorwise, I wouldn’t carry it even if i got it as a gift. ummm i take that back. maybe with white pants it will go well but not with that stupid frock she’s wearing…I understand it’s Miami and it’s hot so she must’ve worn the frock to let loose and get some fresh air but c’mon…if she can carry a bottega veneta bag, she should be able to afford some cool outfits perfect for the Miami Heat. god when will this woman learn?

    Ash please let me be your stylist at least for a day…

  3. Is it just me or have you guys also noticed Abhishek always frozen in pictures with his wife…as if he’s got some complex being next to his wife…loosen up pal, smile at least for the camera for cryin out loud!

  4. that yellow jacket! eeks! as if the ugly fugly floral frock isn’t enough.
    Month after month we only get to see more of Ash’s styling influence on her hubby. look at them–don’t they spell “Boring”?


  5. Ash has such a beautiful face, dances good and she may be a nice person. Then what else? It’s all why oh why pain. The dress, bag, hair, the inseparable ring (she might let go of wedding ring but not that index finger ring), I thought I hope I wish…aah why bother!

  6. y’know i don’t quite hate this bag….at least not yet. its definitely not for a day out shopping or on the beach. its young, bright and screams party time!
    i can’t say the same about this couple’s dress sense.


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