Spell It Like Kangana!

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Have you noticed how Kangana has a penchant for owning bags that always have the brand name spelt out in big letters! ;) Does she not know how to be subtle and still make a statement?

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  1. i wonder why Kangana always wears such unique dresses…she has to think over her dressing sense…she has a good height,lean figure and good face….i wish to see her in something good..

  2. such a wannabe….its like she has to prove she can afford or she has this bags and brands….try being lassy and subtle for a change…a la preity or something……..reminds me, have we seen bipasha with a designer bag? i cant remember….:S

  3. I always wonder about the ‘lights on, no one home” look on her face. No matter what she wears, unless she changes that expression, she’s never gonna be a fashion icon.

  4. I think her aim is to dress as waif-ishly as possible. Kate Moss-hangover maybe. But on Kangana, it doesn’t work everytime. Remember the time she used to wear everything with her navel showing?

  5. it seems like she’s intent on showing people that she can afford these bags. but another thing also. she should really learn how to put on makeup. her foundation is so obvious in every single photo of hers.

  6. I’ve seen her look quite good in some award ceremonies…is she going down the drain in terms of dressing up?

    I find her beautiful but she looks aneroxic too.

  7. Kangana..need a makeover from head to toe ! She so beautiful naturally……if she stays with her natural look yet lil glamorous she can look 100% better.wearing rebellious outfits makes her trashy.

  8. No consistancy to her style. Sometimes she looks good and other times just ewwwww.

    These are ewwwww moments. Everything…. makeup, clothes, pose.



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