Blue Belle?

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If there is anyone who can give Sonam a run for her money, it has to be Soniya Mehra. But, what I would love is… to see her in something ethnic to know whether she can change it up as well as Sonam does.

How about it, Soniya? Interested?

For now though, how do you like her in her mini Bebe bandage dress?


Soniya Mehra at ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Premiere in Mumbai


Left: Soniya Mehra at ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Premiere in Mumbai
Right: Bebe Bandage Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. amazing!
    when it comes to non-tradtitional wear- I think she sort of …blows Sonam out of the water
    she just looks a lot more comfortable and sexy and at ease than Sonam does
    Sonam totally rocks the ethnic wear though
    sexy and fresh look – love the shoes

  2. I think both of them are adorable and stylish with the right amount of edge. In this outfit, she looks young, sexy and glamorous – just what she SHOULD look like.

  3. malini, howcome sonam and soniya are childhood friends, didnt soniya grow up in kenya or something?

    also, while i agree that soniya has style and the attitude needed to carry of even funky outfits, it’s hard for me to find her endearing, because her personality seems very unidimensional, in that we’ve only seen her at these appearances.

  4. They happen to be close family friends and Soniya, now that she lives in Bombay ( for the past half a decade or so) is very close to Sonam and her siblings.

  5. Hot! She’s really in shape also. Love her look. I really would like to see her in some movies though. And to everyone who’s wondering how her and sonam are friends. I think theyr dads were best friends(she is vinod mehras daughter.) So they have always been like family only

  6. She looks amazing. I love this dress so much. Her personality seems quite good also. A friend of mine knows her really well, and she tells me how she’s very sweet and is completely normal, no ‘nakhraas’ or anything. I really love her style a lot

  7. She’s definitely confident enough to carry this off. That being said I’m starting to hate her in pictures.. she’s annoying me big time.. probably because I’m jealous of people who I don’t think are super pretty but still are so confident and other people are blinded by their confidence and end up thinking they’re hot.

  8. For some reason I don’t like this dress. And one more trend that I wish wud disappear, gladiator sandals!
    Sorry PnP, I know u like them. But I haven’t seen any glads that I didnt find ugly.


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