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Wearing a Lecoanet and Hemant corset paired with Reiss skirt and Zara shoes (via twitter) was Ms. Mehra at a recent launch and we have to say, we liked her look. Did you?


Soniya Mehra At Zara Launch, Mumbai

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. It’s meh – to be honest the bottom half looks like a bunch of torn shreds where thrown together. And those shoes simply don’t go with the rest of the outfit IMO.

  2. I hope the “she’s trying too hard to be a fashionista and pretending to be like the Hollywood stars” comments dont start pouring in with her the way they did with Sonam :O

    She looks good, I love the hair, top and skirt but wish she had worn a different, more subtle pair of shoes. The clunky galdiatiors overpower this look a bit. But she looks like she has a ton of fun dressing up (as opposed to a lot of B’wood stars who either try too hard to be on trend irrespective of wether it suits them or just blindly wear the crass rubbish that MM or Gangwani or Archana Kocchar hand out)

    • i like how at the start of the post, you dread those who will be of the opinion that she’s trying too hard, only to proceed to voice your opinion of others trying too hard. notice i used the word “opinion” because that’s all we’ve got here. to each his own.

      personally, i find her attitude rather comical. as far as her style goes, she’s trendy, that’s all. but in this particular outfit, the ruffles on the top are sort of a bit much when paired with that skirt.

  3. This girl is so sweet and her smile covers everything….
    I would never pick this -ruffly skirt and if get this pastel shade bottom ,would do some colored makeup and accesories …but this inspite of all boring shades and ugly skirt, looks pretty.

  4. @ H – Those arent extensions. Thats her real hair – but yes, her hair looks unkept.
    I think she looks great minus the skirt. ew.

  5. Her extensions look ratty. I love long hair just as much as anyone else, but there comes to a point where it just overwhelms your frame. She’s a petite girl, and it looks like her hair is consuming her.

    I do love the outfit, though. It’s simple, elegant and young.

  6. wait a minute. are some of you suggesting that the longer part of her hair is not extensions?! that is hard to believe! I sure hope they are and if not, please CHOP IT OFF!


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