Verve Spread or Dior Ad?

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Photographer Vishesh Verma recently shot Sonam Kapoor in Christian Dior for Verve India and here is a looksee at Sonam covered in Dior from head to toe. (Quite like Kalyani Chawla was at a recent do carrying the Mosaic clutch featured in the shoot! )

You’ll also remember the Dior pumps on Ms. Koel Puri.

You can check out more of the shoot at Vishesh’s site here.

Thanks to ‘fashionista‘.

Update: Added the cover pic.


Sonam on Verve India February 2009


Left(Top and Below): Christian Dior Fall 2008
Center: Sonam Kapoor
Right: Estelle Lefebure in modified Ruffled Dior Dress


Left: Sonam Kapoor in Verve
Right: Katy Perry at Dior Spring 2009 Show


Left: Sonam Kapoor in Verve
Right: Christian Dior, Spring 2009


Left: Bracelet, Shoes and Clutch, Christian Dior, Resort 2009
Center: Sonam Kapoor in Verve
Right: Christian Dior, Spring 2009

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  1. I have to say–Sonam makes these clothes look far more Chic and Haute couture’ish. Love the first beige dior dress with orange pumps…

  2. Thanks so much Payal. You made my day. really, this thing had been bugging me for so many days u know. i even told PV admins to send mail to you.

    I am glad you girls did this. kisses


  3. I love Sonams freshness and carefree attitude.
    She stands out for her strong ethnic look, the long hair and the traditional indian features. I was disappointed to see her beautiful black hair dyed!
    This photo shoot was a disappointment for me girls.
    I loved her in saawariya and im loving what im seeing in delhi 6 but this unfortunately doesnt work!

  4. she looks goregeous in this shoot. You know…i have not always thought that sonam was exceptionally beautiful or anything…but she smokin hot here…am also tempted to grow my hair now…to get those sexy beach waves in my hair…something so animaaaaaaaaal….LOL….

  5. She takes your breath away! She is amazing! I will always be jealous of her! I think this is a Dior Ad…I wonder if Sonam is endorsing Dior or not.

  6. The styling is great, but among the clothes only the first one is good.
    Sonam looks stunning in everything. I guess Indian face+world class body is a knockout combo!

  7. She looks so fresh and young. I am getting tired of seeing Aishwarya (for last 10 years) and Katrina (for last 2-3 years) every where. Deepika is also getting very stale now.

  8. I’d be really careful of posting these pics on you site, and printing your copyright over them, because they have been lifted from Vishesh Verma’s site – which actually states that the images may not be used or reproduced without permission.

    Your better off waiting for the magazine to come out with the officially released pics and then buying and scanning the mag.

  9. sugarandspice,
    As mentioned in our disclaimer, we source all of the images that we don’t own as we have done in this post too.

  10. wow.. i am impressed.. great shoot.. the dresses look great on her and she carries them off awesome!!!

    shes becoming a delight to watch.. love that her hair and outfit is different in shoots vs. others..

  11. for once when I saw her first pic in the middle with orange shoe I thought it must be a foreign model, they are getting good with cameras and poses and make up and clothing, very outside typical indian add, creative and raw and nice and hair looks fake though just to let you know

  12. LOL
    I don’t mind, I love Dior :)
    She looks amazing in all of the pics…except the third one, where she looks sort of stoned…
    yeah, but I LOVE the last one
    what I don’t like is the collage-like styling of these pics, reminds me of childrens’ (or at least tween) magazines and her hair color

  13. OH, I was going to say, if this acting thing doesn’t work out for her, she should try her hand at modeling
    she could give even Laxshmi Menon a run for her money (ooooooh, they are sort of opposites in the realm of aesthetics…me like)

  14. somehow.. her jawline is tooo sharp for me in these pics and the eye makeup not that good.. the dresses fit her lovely.. but something is missing.. ahh.. photoshop.;)

  15. The Dior ruffled dress is lovely, and I actually prefer the modified version on Sonam, who by the way looks stunning!
    I find Sonam very interesting because her face is so interchangeable. She always looks different (and equally gorgeous) in every picture she takes.

  16. This is the best styling I have seen on Sonam. The hair and makeup are exceptional. The accessories are marvelous and the lighting and backdrops are great. Amongst the dresses, I like the first one most, when coupled with those accessories.

  17. This chicky never fails to amazing me…..she is a stunner!!!! Again I restate…I love her styling, always edgy and chic!!!

  18. She looks great – she is definitely going to give all the Kareenas and Katrinas a run for their money. They all look the same – he same tired faces and the same sequinnned stuff

  19. Now thats how you do high fashion!
    Note to Kareena and Deepika: Its not the clothes or the perfect body, but the attitude and expressions that make a great photoshoot. Learn from Sonam.

  20. how gorgeous does she look?!?!?! like seriously…..she makes the all clothes look soooo fab!!!! absolutely lovin her hair!!!!

  21. how GORRRRRRRGEOUS is this girl. She can do no wrong. looovve the hair, love her look every single time. She has te chutzpah to elevate every dress, accessory, look to haute couture without making it too stiff. It’s not just her beauty, cuz there r prettier girls out there, it’s her attitude which is awesome without being haughty. She is like a blank canvas that transforms with every look…think I am in love with her style!!

  22. so very predictible..yeah she was born to and can roll around naked in money and looks good in high fashion in photoshoots.. boo hoo..she had all the time in the world and daddy’s $$$ to spend unlike a lot of her contemporaries who were working hard for their money..

    yeah so that isn’t enough for me to be in awe of her unlike a lot of other people

  23. Sonam has attitude and a freshness but she is no model thats for sure! Someone above said she can give Lakshmi menon a run for her money…wow …I think we need more pics of Lakshmi to show people how stunning she is, perhaps her Hermes campaign..Sonam is a fab actress eventhough she has just two films under her belt but she isnt model material !

  24. fantastic styling – i never found sonal exceptionally beautiful but i love how much care she takes for her appearance… she puts in a lot of effort and it does show. looks great here.

  25. Just “awesomely cool”, as we used to say in my college lingo.
    I don’t like the second sonam pic much though…posing like her neck is hurting and all…hehehe

  26. @ Shweta12: But she’s only been in one movie so far. Too early to judge her acting. I think she should stick to acting (wasn’t too shabby in Saawariya) but also do modeling shoots. :)

  27. I would like to emphasize that I said that “she could EVEN give Laxmi Menon a run for a money” (as in- she would be very good, but of course NOT Laxshmi Menon)
    dude, there is a reason why Laxshmi Menon was featured in Vouge, the American Vouge, and was on the runway for Zac Posen and did an add campaign for Hermes
    I KNOW!

  28. @ Nik
    contrary to what u think…..sonam weighed 100 kgs before she started working on saawariya…..she was a shy n akward over-weight person just a few years ago (U never spotted her ever before in public outing before saawariya)…she worked hard n reduced her weight , got her styling correct….n here she is shining…………so after all she didnt have it easy

  29. @Preeths,I looked at some rare older pic of Sonam at her brother’s birthday party.She apparently weighed 86 kgs then and she still looked good and not fat at all.She is very tall and I guess that makes her proportionate.I have seen her kidding about her weight often,calling her journey a weight loss journey.

  30. she doesnt pull it off!! shes trying too hard and it just luks really put on and unreal!! i think that she shud stick to the movies!!! but even they dont work!!! lol