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Ralph and Russo presented their Fall 2016/2016 Couture show in Paris and in attendance was Sonam wearing an embellished flared coat that featured a structured bow.

With the coat dress being so dramatic, keeping everything else simple was the way to go. She looked fabulous!


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  1. She shud fire Namrata soni ..
    What horrid hairstyles she tries on sonam making her look very old..
    Sonam looks nice when her hair is not overly styled

      • Exactly. Just look at her arms. They are floating within those giant sleeves. Very suffocating dress. She must have felt so relieved after removing that dress like some load off back.

  2. I like that she smiles and looks like a normal human even in very elaborate clothes. A lot of people in Bollywood insist on doing weird teapot poses and ‘fierce’ expressions the moment they step into their spanx.

    • LMAO ~”…step out into their spanx”. Also after the “myriad transformation”s some have done to wear many silhouettes which wouldn’t have been possible earlier & do the “fierce” posing.

  3. The look has a lot of fabric piled on top of one another. But it works because of her winning smile and also because she kept the rest of the look simple.

  4. can anyone id her earrings ..
    (i wouldnt be able to afford them but i want to sound rich in front of bunch of strangers on internet)

  5. Somehow I feel her styling is a lil predictable here. She could’ve done something differently with the hair, something More easy breezy than that tight bun.

  6. Bad.
    The hairstyle
    The OTT makeup
    The coat/dress or whtever it is overpowers her
    Her uncomfortable smile.
    Everything screams out of place and bad


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