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The Delhi promotions of Khoobsurat saw Ms. Kapoor in a colorful Indian By Manish Arora high-waisted skirt worn with a Valentino shirt and colorful Aditi Bhatt earrings.

Given how OTT the skirt was, it wasn’t going to be easy to balance this look and hence the white shirt makes sense but am not sure I like the rosette detail here. And no, it has nothing to do with my disdain for rosettes in general. :P It’s just the look is already so busy, did we need another visual point to distract us?

But, this wasn’t an easy look to pull off but she manages to do so.


Sonam Kapoor at Khoobsurat Promotions in Delhi

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Photo Credit: Mukul Bhandari

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  1. Not liking it much. When are the promotions gonna end for this movie… !! Its been like forever since they have been promoting it. Tired of seeing her now… there is a thing called overexposure!

  2. i love sonam. but this is just terrible.
    nothing works here
    her who khoobsurat promotions has been lackluster
    went too far with the misfit theme

  3. I agree about the rosette detail on the shirt. There’s so much going on that a crisp white shirt would have sufficed. But, what about those shoes? And the makeup? And the hair? And the earrings? This looks is too excessive and not in a good way. She needs to lose the earrings pronto, pull her hair back into a slick ponytail and swap those red pumps for ankle strap gold/bronze sandals.

  4. I am not sure if this look will get favorable remarks, but I really like this look. Only Sonam could have worked the skirt with heavy embroidery. Love her shoes and overall styling.

  5. Every time you say something like “But, this wasn’t an easy look to pull off…” it’s as if these celebs were being threatened – ‘pull off that OTT outfit, or else’…, rather than that their team of stylists must have spent hours to manufacture every detail of that look with the full compliance of said celeb! Just an observation, I do get in what way you mean it… And in this particular case, with that piled on make up, those shoes and those earrings, I hardly think Sonam is managing to pull anything off!

  6. high waisted skirt!!! looks more like a joke.. Atrocious..
    it looks more like a waist band over a skirt, you can see white shirt peeking below the sumo belt in 1st 2nd n 4th pic..
    this is complete mismatch.. resultinf in a big FAIL.

  7. Wow, I just love the whole look. The skirt is just gorgeous . The rosette on the shirt is white, so it’s not so apparent, neither distracting. Sonam looks fantastic.

  8. What’s with her makeup? She endorses a beauty brand but gets her makeup wrong so often. She looks regal when she gets it right. I really blame the MUA though. Her foundation either needs more yellow or has to be a shade darker. And you can’t do a bright fuchsia blush with an equally bright lip plus a whole bunch of brightly colored clothes and accessories at the same time. What I do like about this look is her hair – she switches it up often and almost always does something pretty.

  9. Surprised no one has commented on the ill-fitting shirt at the bust. Either that or she is in dire need of a more appropriate-sized bra. And yes if Sonam’s MUA is reading this, for heaven’s sake dial it down a notch (or two).

    • +100!! I was also thinking the same that nobody mentioned about her ill fitting shirt and the bra size and that you commented and I had to accept…it looks like she is wearing two sizes bigger bra…

  10. Not liking that shirt with that skirt. She should’ve gone for a different white shirt or even a white crop top would’ve worked. It’s a shame since the skirt is so gorgeous.

  11. Really now? She’s pulling it off?

    All other details aside, for just the crime against make-up this look should have been hanged from the nearest post. Urgh.

    Like HHC, you have the time to comment about the stupid Rosette which was partially obscured by her hair, but her over-whitened face gets no mention? Seriously?!

  12. Sonam may not have success in matching the white shirt but managed to match her colorful makeup with the skirt. :P Unless she stops with that ridiculous make up, she is going to ruin all her looks.

  13. the skirt is really really beautiful. but i would styled it differently… an up do, without those earrings (they are beautiful no question) and a different pair of shoes maybe nude. it would have looked 1000% times better to me!

  14. The only thing out of whack are the shoes. This look borders on Bohemian. Her stylist should have picked up blue or white from the busy print and suggested she wear either shade in strappy, heeled sandals.


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