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Sonam attended BMB promotions in Delhi today wearing a look that was nearly identical to what Asin wore while travelling a few months ago.

It wouldn’t really be fair to compare considering Sonam was more on-duty and Asin was caught in the look, off-duty and en-route to TOIFA. Do love though how Sonam wore hers. ;)


Left: Sonam Kapoor
Right: Asin

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Your blog has started to look like a Sonam fan page. Instagrammed pics that she plays dressup in her hotel rooms?? Why do we care?

    • I’m not sure if a personal attack on the blog for giving props to someone for their style is warranted.. I mean you don’t have to agree but is targeting the writer necessary? I can imagine if I was a blogger just putting out cool stuff, such remarks would hurt me.

      I mean it is a fashion blog. Which would inevitably include rich people “playing dress up”. I think thats kind of the point.

      Why we care? I guess we care about what people are wearing. Thats why we keen checking back don’t we..what relevance does whatever anyone wears in their hotel room (or toilet for that matter) have? I don’t know..none really. I guess you could argue that people discussing clothes and fashion is all thats wrong with the world and all that. Truth is, no one really cares, its just fun.

      As far as admiring Sonam is concerned, lets face it, she dresses well and I really don’t see why bloggers are forbidden from having a personal opinion/favourites. I thought thats a very natural thing. We all love/hate people..whats the big deal?

      Its upsetting when fun blogs like this become all about name calling, personal remarks and just rude comments. Now thats whats wrong with the world.

      If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Simple.

      • fashion blog?? really??

        have you read the comments that get approved in here?

        this is not a serious fashion blog, it should be called “Celebrity Gossip blog with an side of fashion and fawning”

        • The tagline of HHC reads “Front row, tadka laga ke.” I think that says a lot. It is important to realize that the whole idea of Bollywood celebrities is inextricably tied to gossip. That said, I actually admire that Payal and Priyanka actually keep the gossip to a minimum. They give us the context of the appearance, critique one’s sartorial choices, and usually that’s that. There have never been any personal diversions that I have noticed, and I have been a long time reader of this blog.

          Second, regarding what Rana said above, Payal and Priyanka are human. They are allowed to have favorites. They are allowed to be biased. They are not journalists. They are bloggers. They have a voice. That is what actually makes this blog fun. So while I may personally not agree with all of their opinions, I am not going to accuse them of playing favorites, because even if they do, what is wrong in that? The difference of opinion between the readers and the bloggers actually makes for an effective debate on Indian fashion. And there is a way to respectfully communicate that through these comments. Being petty is really not getting anyone anywhere.

          Finally, “the comments that get approved in here” actually prove that Payal and Priyanka are not shutting out alternative viewpoints.The opinions of someone that are coming from say tabloid brand gossip are just as valid as the opinions of someone who blindly agrees with the bloggers–would it be fair for the bloggers to censor whichever comments as and when they please? You cannot hold Payal and Priyanka responsible for the “gossip” in the comments and simply label this site as a “celebrity gossip blog.”

          Ultimately, if this blog is actually enabling any form of common dialog on celebrity fashion–usually the domain of the rich and famous–what makes you say that this is not a serious fashion blog? Isn’t that the point? Or would you prefer your fashion be more uppity?

          Apologies for the rant, and props to Payal and Priyanka for handling even unfounded criticism with grace.

    • Hi Rana,
      All these pics are prior to her stepping out for an event. Sometimes we cannot find pics of the event she attends especially if they are at a different city and not covered by photographers. Hence the use of Instagram pics. And its not just her, just about every star (or their stylist) has started instagramming or posting on twitter the individual’s looks. Priyanka and Sonakshi are some to name a few. :)

  2. You were so hard on Mandira just a few days ago because you thought her stylist was out of ideas!!! How about Sonam? Also, I don’t get how Sonam wore hers better because they look so similar, down to their feet. Really PnP??!!!

      • +1. unfair! Plus,though I love Sonam’s style sense usually, i find Asin looking so lovely here. Sonam’s look is so contrived

        • +1. I love Sonam usually. But Asin looks much better and cool here … and we cannot even differentiate their looks except red lips … I like Asin’s bag and Sonam’s shoes …

        • +2. Sonam’s look is “posey”. On first glance, it looked like a magazine cover, albeit an unremarkable one. Love Asin here — she looks effortlessly chic. But the blouse is a tad too long for her.

    • while i agree that Sonam wore the shirt better given even though we should nt be comparing, u do have a fair point. They were critical of Mandira but not Sonam for copying the same look.

  3. I seriously hope that the winkey at the end of the statement you made about preferring Sonam’s look is a sarcastic nod to the comments on how you are partial to Sonam.

    Otherwise, I seriously doubt your impartiality. The styling, down to the shoes is a case of Ditto. And Asin’s make-up or lack thereof, unbuttoning and bag makes the look a winner compared to Sonam’s forced attempt at glamorizing with red lips.

    • Hi KT,
      The wink was because while I wrote I don’t want to compare, I just wanted to point out that I do like Sonam’s look because its more finished. The red lips and the earrings with the black and white outfit work. That’s all. If you like Asin, that’s fine. For a travelling look, she did look nice. All am noting is that even without considering Asin (forget that she wore the same tee or is in this pic), I just like Sonam’s look. :)

      Makes me partial? Fine. I guess I have really bad taste. I’ll live with it and continue blogging! :)

      • Even though comments like the one’s like KT made are not too nice to see, Payal, you should be more professional and not ladle comments with sarcasm. I think it makes the blog look a bit unprofessional when owners reply with comments such as this.

        • Oh Puhhhhleeeez! Give Payal a break. It’s her personal blog. For starters, she is allowing ridiculous personal attacks to be posted here. Then, she is being decent and POLITE enough to respond to the barbs. And you have a problem with her sarcasm???
          Judgemental much?

          • I think it’s great when the owner’s reply, it makes the blog seem very personal. Maybe you didn’t read my comment right, but when I said the bloggers make sarcastic comment to readers. I think there has to be some form of professionalism so it doesn’t off-put readers. Saying “I guess I have really bad taste” makes you seem petty. This is my opinion, you are welcome to disagree.

  4. May I just point out that its an awful shirt, with a too busy print – looks pedestrian on both lovely ladies. But thats just my opinion and come on, if you can’t indulge your mean girl here, then where? Disagree ? Thats even more fun!

  5. Sonam needs to work a bit on her expressions too. Most of the pics posted here, are not off guard pics and she is a fantastic actor with a gorgeous face, so I cant understand her “problem”. Surely fashion is not just about clothes but also attitude. There are many girls who manage to make even medicore, stuff, fabulous, while Sonam style, to me atleast, sèems forceful and the pics boring.

    On the above, prefer asin. But compared to her other pics, prefer this one.

  6. I’m a regular visitor in this blog and while,as a fashion blogger myself,I would never want to own a blog like this(too Bollywood-ish with no personal style),PnP stay true to the blog and deliver what they promise. I prefer Sonam even though I’ve seen her doing better looks. Asin rolled the shirt sleeves which,according to me,was doing injustice to this dressy shirt. The shirt is definitely busy. So,Sonam did the right thing by underplaying the accessories but going completely sans accessory and makeup like Asin did looks just lazy. Not a fan of the blazer or whatever Asin is carrying. Her shoes are nice but the whole look is too plain to be photographed even. I love Sonam’s earrings. And even though I’m super uncomfortable with pop mouths and almost always try to avoid lipsticks unless absolutely necessary,she looks nice in it. So,not my favourite Sonam outfit but definitely better than that of Asin’s.

  7. sonam can actually do better than this!!
    lovely that she is and looks here nevertheless! however, this is an under-stated sonam that i dont really know or love – maybe just like, at most though!!

    And guys!! why? Why? Why?
    PnP just love the way sonam looks! they never said she looks better than asin? Did they – well, no! both look lovely! And yes that’s their personal view! We all are entitled to our own, right?

    Like, PnP love sonam’s look (of course they love/like asin’s too for they have ‘NOT’ stated the otherwise!)
    I, on the other hand like the look on both but find it inappropriate for sonam (dont really appreciate that average looking shirt on her – its so unlike the dramatic sonam i know and love! )
    KT love’s asin’s relaxed vibe and so does Aadra!

    See – its all about our personal opinions here! thats why PnP post the looks out – so that we drop by and share our personal views which of-course can differ, and differ quite rightly that too! Lets celebrate our varied tastes and not force ours on anybody!

    PnP, we guys love ya anyway! ^_^

  8. I love this blog – it’s my 5 min getaway from hectic days. Asin looks good, and I like that she paired it with black skinnies. But have doubts on whether it was comfortable to travel in those tight jeans. Sonam – gorgeous waist-up and good accessorising. However, wonder if what seems like a navy blue jeans was the right choice. Minus Instagram filter, I think the colour of Sonam’s jeans doesn’t work for the top.

  9. Wow..why so much unnecessary digression and argument there. The first thing I thought of when I looked at the pics was “that’s an interesting comparison in the way the same shirt can be worn – 2 different looks” and I looked forward to people’s ideas on it in the comments section. I give props to Sonam for giving us that buttoned up look. She is balancing that with her attitude. Nice. She can carry that off well. How does it matter where a photo was taken. We are here to discuss clothes/looks and to learn what works and what may not and why. And it’s good to read about different reactions people have to the same thing. Great work P&P.


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