Sonam in Marie Claire:(Un)Covered

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Another magazine, another cover. It isn’t the first and it definitely won’t be the last.

Do you also feel that the bikini top is too jarring for the soft feminine ensemble?

You can catch the article by Manjula Narayan Here and the editorial inside.

Update: The neckpiece is by Nitya Bajaj.


Left: Valentino, Spring 2010
Right: Sonam Kapoor on Marie Claire India


Left: Alberta Ferretti
Right: Gayatri Khanna For Chamomile


Left: Valentino
Right: Dior Corset with Raakesh Agarvwal Skirt


Gauri and Nainika

Photo Credit: BollywoodBuzz

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  1. Her face looks amazing in these shots, but the shoes on the model, oh my!

    I looked up the whole collection and the shoes are so feminine and elegant.

  2. lol @ “I don’t follow trends or ape magazine silhouettes.”

    From this and past interviews, and given her youth, she seems to be riding a high wave reminiscent of kareena kapoor at the start of her career. I think Sonam will also mellow with time (that’s a euphemism for “go phhus”).

    That said, I do like this photoshoot, and she does carry her clothes well for the most part, though I agree about the bra top. I like the red lipstick being the only contrasting color in the palette. Btw, I think Sonam is Emma personified.

    • In the first pic, I like the model better! Sonam’s makeup (read lipstick) is too loud! and besides I L-O-V-E the shoes this model’s wearing!! :D

      Rest she carries all teh dresses well and the lost look suits her a lot! :p
      Her hair looks dry and messy in that Dior Corset with Raakesh Agarvwal Skirt pic

  3. Dislike the overpowering eyebrows! Not sure why bollywood Actresses like to do that?
    Reminds me of Kajol in MNIK who forgot to get them threaded before the shoot lol

    Overall, she looks really pretty and love the outfits (:

    • i am actually thinking of sending Sonam (and maybe Kajol too) a pair of tweezers/ some thread/maybe a razor (depending on what they like to use to tone down those awful brows..such beautiful people and then this…ewww!

  4. hair and makeup is fantaastic!!
    But not just this editorial, most of Indian fashion editorials lack imagination. How many ways can you make a model stand near a curtain,on a sofa etc. etc.
    Then again this is marie claire so its ok, but when will a Vogue or Grazia blow our minds???!!!

    Oh and yes the bikini is jarring… a lacy slip would be more appropriate and sartorial.

  5. the bra top is jarring and so is the makeup . red lips don’t work this time especially the cover. i wish they had kept the makeup softer. Both the valentino looks would have worked better with more ethereal twist.

    i’m getting bored with sonam. I wih she would try somethng that would make me sit up and say omg! …..

    How cute is the Alberta Ferretti dress. The neckpiece on G&N photo seems blah! All in all, an ok shoot, nothing special

    • OVerall she and the clothes look nice.

      not liking the eyebrows.
      not liking the dark red lipstic on the cover with such a soft dress.
      not liking the bra top on the cover. a narrow tube would have been better like on the model.

  6. She looks good in these highly photoshoped pictures. the makeup and hair looks nice . bikini bra is v tacky. As someone above said Indian photoshoots really lack imagination.

  7. individually the outfits are good, the clothes are all pastel, very soft, the hair and make up are too OTT. She looks much better without the photoshop. I do not like.

  8. She seems to have drastic weight reduction thanks to photoshop and the caterpillar eyebrows are killing the old glamour look. I’m so tired of seeing her on every cover. Please stop featuring her constantly on HHC!

  9. I usually love her photo shoots, especially because no matter what she wears she always carries it off so well.. having said that I have to say that I don’t like this set of photos at all.. The eyebrows, the lipstick and the weird lighting is just not working.. I kinda like whatever can be seen of the Gayatri Khanna dress.

  10. actually i love it. i like strong brows on people who have them. why thin them out? like the red lips too.
    not really bothered by the bikini top. what would you have preferred? the tube would have been nice but failing that…?

  11. How IRONIC!!! The mag cover reads ‘No airbrush please’ and we have a barely recognizable Sonam kapoor with half her features whitened out :O

    Yeah RIGHT!!!

  12. There is something very “Nargis” about her in the very first pic. She looks great but there’s something artificial about all of it as well….


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