In Payal Pratap

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While headed to Delhi for an event, Sonam was seen wearing another Payal Pratap, this time in a purple dress. This look of hers is possible the most toned-down one of hers as far as I can remember. Flats, head band and a comfy dress? Anyone else surprised by her look here?

Sonam Kapoor at Mumbai Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What is there to be surprised? She is an ordinary girl like the rest of the girls in India. Why worship her and make her into a demi God. That is why there is monarchy and nepotism in politics and movies in India.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks she looks completely horrible? If there were no Kapoor attached to her name she wouldn’t even be noticed.

  3. I like the midi dress as well. It’s something I’d wear in a heartbeat because it looks so light and comfortable. A little color on the lips would have been wise.

  4. Wow! Payal and Priyanka…what happened to your censorship standards? “Sonam is not much without makeup and clothes” ?! and what is wrong with being “another face in the crowd?!” that is what everybody is at the end of the day…check your conscience at the door is one thing to say someone has dressed underwhelming another to placate your own nobody status by attacking a celeb’s person for daring to look real and human. It is you who resentfully deifies these people just for the later pleasure of pulling them down and feel secure of your own supposed “humanity”. Depressing.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks she looks lovely!! She looks comfortable and pretty like a non celeb would. why are celebs expected to look exceptional all the time especially in airports? and then we will complain that celebs set such impossible beauty ideals for young girls! i love seeing day to day looks in airports.


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