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Going the more mature route, Sonam picked a Gucci dress for a recent magazine issue unveiling/launch. Gucci bag and kitten heels finished out the look.

We are glad she added the red lip which stopped the look from getting too sombre. Also a move we appreciate, the choice of bling. Skipping on an ordinary strand of classic pearls, she opted for the lustworthy Gucci necklace, another great way to update a more classic mature look.

We like.

Sonam Kapoor At Stardust Magazine Issue Launch/Cover Unveiling

Sonam Kapoor In Gucci At Stardust Magazine Issue Launch-Cover Unveiling-1

Sonam Kapoor At Stardust Magazine Issue Launch/Cover Unveiling

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. U guys are so biased towards sonam.u people always praise her.sometimes she does not deliver. This time her make up is off cause of whitish foundation.and the neckline does not suit her broad shoulders

  2. No. Just NO.

    She looks like an 80 year old grandma. I had old lady schoolteachers who dressed like this apart from the cleavage show. Why is she trying to look like a sexed up school marm?

    She’s also wearing way too much make-up. This is one of those times when you see Sonam is trying too hard to be fashionable and failing.

  3. I for one am so bored with your biased opinion on Sonam .The make up is off
    She looks old.
    The neckline is unflattering.
    The color washes her already white washed face.
    And yes red lips don’t always mean good.
    Oh tht belt and shoes !! Ugh..

    Are you guys paid by Sonam or sth?

  4. She is looking just ok in this look…she has done better then this but you can’t look mind blowing all the time so its ok and for me the neckline is to be blamed in this look

  5. Very dita von teese! I like it…i always thought sonam tried way too hard to be a ‘fashionista’ before, but i’m beginning to like her various looks and she’s one of the few people i look forward to seeing what shes wearing next. Love the way she sports indian wear and western with equal ease, not everyone can do that so well.

  6. i dnt like the neckline..her shoulders r broad n this neckline doesnt suit her..n also too much cleavage show!! i saw some other pictures of her of the same event n first thought “y is her bra peeking out” ..its just something i dnt get on borad with…

  7. this look ages her just a lil too much!! pretty though – but again not the sonam we love!
    an ok.. or lets say decent look, at best?

    oh! n i sure do second all who’ve mentioned of d neckline not flatterin her!

  8. This look is terrible! That neckline is tacky and unflattering, that belt looks so cheap and the make up is wayyyyy off whitewashed and red lipstick does NOT save this look. Only things that work are her hairstyle and smile.


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