In Ezra Couture

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From Doha on Thursday, Sonam traveled to Muscat on Friday to attend the Filmfare Middle East 1st Anniversary celebration and was spotted wearing a white gown by Ezra Couture.

Was it better than yesterday? Yes and we’re just going to leave it at that.

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Sonam of the House Kapoor-Ahuja, the First of Her Name, The Whimsical, Queen of the Weird Pouffy Shoulders, Khaleesi of the Great Troll Sea, Protector of the Paps, Breaker of Trolls….. Oh wait, this isn’t Comic-Con.

  2. Shouldn’t one’s sartorial choice take account of the cultural milieu one is presenting that choice in? If so, then the boobage display seems way out of place.

  3. This is just an OK look. Nothing to rave about or to criticize. It has very project runway-ish couture feel. Sonam needs to be careful though, her fashionista status used to draw an attention to any look in a way that one would want to read more into it than there is. But off late unless she wears something that is a sure shot winner(the predictable great designs) she brings negative attention to the garment. In her attempt to create a persona bigger than herself she might alienate herself as unaproachable in view of many designers. I guess since Indian industry is just starting off with this celebrity and fashion culture, her shtick might work for some time but not in long run.

  4. Why cant she wear normal human sleeves ? All her outfits have one , or often multiple, elements which instead of standing out kill the entire look.

    The fit is just too tight at the hips throwing off the fall and length. It’s a toned down but still weird appearance.

  5. Sonam cannot be called a “fashionista” at this rate. All her looks lately have been OTT and ‘try hard’. She also looks uncomfortable recently with some of her looks, and needs a refresh soon.

  6. Guess even u have given up on sonam! I fail to see why she is choosing ugly outfits when she can look so pretty in normal clothes that complement her. And her face sans smile seems very cold ….


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