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Sonam attended the Masala Awards in Dubai on Thursday and was seen in another Caroline Hayden gown. She styled the cream halter-neck silk gown with a sleek side-parted updo and a wine-hued red lip with a satin clutch and satin pumps finishing out the look.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. I do not see what Ms. Kapoor finds so special in Hayden’s designs. Neck up, sure she looked good, but wasn’t a fan of the gown.


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  1. She looks nice neck up and also like it that she went with a simple dress. This is simple for Sonam’s standards. But the dress is nothing special – and it is definitely tight especially in the hip area.

  2. Why is she taking tips from Huma & Kajol by wearing dresses which is several sizes small for her? And she doesn’t need to do that. lol. She does look good overall discounting the tightness of that blah gown.

  3. Its the height of tight :-). Bending over to pick something up , sitting down or even simple mundane breathing appears to be a risky business in that tight gown.


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