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Before attending the Global Citizen concert on Saturday, Sonam attended the Asiavision Awards on Friday evening in Dubai where she picked up the best actress award for Neerja and another for being an icon.

We are normally used to seeing Sonam go all out when it comes to Awards shows and so this black velvet Caroline Hayden gown felt like a rather unusual choice. While part of me likes the simplicity of this look, I can’t say I like the gown itself. The neckline especially.


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  1. Oddly enough this is one of my fave looks on her
    Yes it’s a stuffy dress but she really makes it work
    Her hair and makeup is impeccable and that’s where she often suffers. That combined with her lovely smile here makes this a really endearing look

  2. I love this look on her. Oddly she looks close to Elizabeth Bennet from pride and prejudice, but what I meant to say is that the dress has a victorian vibe to it, and sonam I don’t remember when she came up on awards without some extravagant exhibition of her fashion choices, so this dress is clearly a very much welcome look, for me. Simplicity at its best. And I kind of like the high collar too. All in all, good one sonam.

  3. Good make up and hair…… but thats just too much of Black for her to carry…….. with so much Black she looks like a Frankensteins Widow…… HAHAHAH LOL

  4. I actually like this look. I agree that it is a little too full and too much fabric with not an inch of skin showing – but for some reason I like this on her.

  5. I may be in the minority, but I love Sonam here..And not just because she seems so lovely and confident here , but also she seems like she is genuinely having a good time without any of the ‘Oooh I am the self-appointed-media-overhyped-KJo-certified fashionista in town so I need to dress up and look fierce’ crap going on ..Keep it up Sonam!


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